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January 13, 2017

What factors determine the price of the china rattan chair it? Although we eleven inquiry

The upcoming annual hot summer, many families are planning to buy china rattan chair, cooler relaxed environment. However, this furniture prices vary greatly. Sometimes similar style furniture, the price may vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. In such conditions lead to what? Here you accurate answers.

1) Brand
china rattan chair with different brands have different price comparisons. Famous brand furniture, a relatively high price to sell, and some common than the cheaper brands. In general, the brand furniture afford better sales service, and exhibit a relatively good environment.

2) Raw materials
From Indonesia and the Philippines before wicker, and then the second class of the PCT the vines soil, sargentgloryvine, dry and calamus tetradactylus Hance from China Yunnan, Guangdong, etc..

Good furniture with good raw material flexible, enjoy a good property, china rattan chair, and they always thick. In contrast, common adverse material.

3) Quality
Expensive wicker furniture production by many programs, including sterilization, drying. All these processes, and to extend the life time of the furniture. Maybe you can not see from the appearance. However, after a lonely time use, there will be many quality problems, poor quality of wicker furniture.

4) Design
Under normal circumstances, wicker furniture, beautiful and unique design, are very expensive.

These four factors led to the final price differences in the wicker furniture. Buyers should take into account all of the people, when they decide to buy.

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