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March 24, 2017

Use your vacation time to purchase a stylish wicker lounger, you have a happy holiday


The walk through a Mondecasa showroom and take a walk through the world did not let your feet wet! The sugarcane suppliers Mondecasa is a furniture manufacturer by naming a cosmopolitan city, its scope, the celebration of World! The result? Chic collection of sofas, coffee tables, chairs – you name it! – Outdoor activities.

The we like Swedes modern, full-featured, streamlined design! Thus, we see a series called Stockholm sugarcane time website, the boy does not have our fingers twitching to get clicks. Range (pictured above) is made of aluminum and wicker lounger from the Mondecasa team created the word ALU-wicker – we love! It has an outdoor lounge suite in the Stockholm dining table dining chair can be easily adapted to.

Stockholm’s luxury suite has a 2-seater sofa, table (we call these coffee and end table!), A sofa and chair in the sun. The armchairs style – dining and lounging – but our evaluation that they are interchangeable. We mean, who do not want additional leisure space, while they enjoy the meal! Query and sugarcane time about the available options. Stockholm table in a square and a rectangular design, made of stainless steel.

If you have an outdoor bar area, then you might like the the Stockholm bar stool. They come with or without a backrest. Because these, wicker lounger , coffee table and sun loungers black or white.

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