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April 25, 2016

The trend of the 21st Century china rattan outdoor furniture

     China rattan outdoor furniture in fashion this year will be the choice for the family to IN, with them, no hell and high water, can be opened in the courtyard of a Party; do not go to the beach, you can easily create a seaside holiday; will enjoy the summer sun private , lazy one in the afternoon to stay in the garden … … a cup of coffee under umbrellas to start preparing now, these professionals are comfortable with a summer home.

     1. To create casual terrace

     Do not think of china rattan outdoor furniture for the villa’s private garden is prepared, lovingly crafted by some of the small china rattan outdoor furniture, small balcony of the confusion in the world, but also create a fascinating play quiet terrace.

     Durable materials with a small china rattan outdoor furniture, you can leave it outside all summer. Outdoor furniture table set aside most of holes, so that rain and dew will not stay on the desktop; tables and chairs although smaller, Science of Design, as large pieces of furniture to make it as strong and reliable.

     2. In the outdoor viewing

     Sultry summer, the drawing room to move outdoors, fresh air, cool and comfortable environment, we must make friends feel your sweet and detailed.

     European-style china rattan outdoor furniture using a steel frame, coated with PE materials, hand-woven from rattan. PE materials at high temperature than PVC to environmental protection, so now very wide range of applications. This style of china rattan outdoor furniture, garden shows warmth, but it can make its modern features incorporated to become simple, stackable chairs, materials can also be exposed to the elements.

    3. A Midsummer Night’s carbon cool air

     In Foshan, “the first year of low-carbon home”, the summer night lighting of course need to “low carbon.” Foshan IKEA introduced this year a large number of energy-saving lamps with LED beads made of solar lights, solar lights break through the traditional style monotonous history. All SOLIG lighting using solar cells, convert sunlight into electricity, LED light bulbs can save 70% energy, five times the service life of incandescent. These fashionable and fun outdoor solar lights, enjoy the cool air to meet you play A Midsummer Night’s needs.

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