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March 29, 2016

Rattan furniture why environmental protection,low-carbon and comfortable?

Rattan furniture why environmental protection, low-carbon and comfortable?

First, what is “low carbon”
Copenhagen’s “low carbon” theme, “zero carbon Shanghai World Expo Pavilion” the completion of “low carbon” has become the focus of attention. Low-carbon, English as lowcarbon, meaning lower, lower greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions. Dissemination of low carbon living to the world respected (low-carbonlife) concept of “low carbon” between the health of you and me
Second, what is “low-carbon Furniture
Green carbon furniture, is the tendency of natural materials, save energy, does not contain harmful substances, does not release harmful gases, easy to recycle. Furniture is the core concept of low-carbon energy-saving, emission reduction, health, environmental protection, emphasizing the people-oriented, respect for life and health, building a harmonious society.
Third, the “low-carbon Furniture” standard
1, “low-carbon furniture,” first used the materials to environmental protection, environmental protection is best natural materials. Timber, Rattan, bamboo is the most environmentally friendly natural materials, but the proliferation of human harvesting of wood, causing damage to the ecological environment, especially the precious wood, such as pear, rosewood and other species, more and more scarce. Furniture made with these materials is certainly valuable, but humans are even more should go to protect it, cherish its presence. Rattan, bamboo is the best natural materials, especially rattan, environmental organizations recommended by the United Nations green room materials.
2, low-carbon production technology
Low-carbon furniture” in the production process to achieve energy saving, emission reduction, to reduce harmful gas emissions, does not contain harmful substances. Formaldehyde content in particular can not be exceeded. Some inferior synthetic MDF, formaldehyde content is too high, this material produced by the furniture, an increase of harmful gas emissions, the environment and human health caused great damage. Meanwhile, the furniture in the large-scale production process, how to improve the technical level, so that energy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, will be very important.
Materials can be woven rattan artificial methods to produce furniture with art, while there is no pollution, which is very suitable for the production of low carbon technology requirements.
3, suitable living environment for low-carbon use
1) the use of environmentally friendly
Furniture and people in daily life, especially in the closed family environment, many new houses renovated, strong odor, excessive formaldehyde content, high carbon dioxide emissions on human health will cause great damage. Furniture is close relative to sit with people, embracing, if the furniture containing hazardous substances, emissions of harmful gases and more damage to the human body will be direct. Especially pregnant women, healthy growth for future generations, should use the green.
2) Use energy-saving
Furniture should be in the use of energy saving, as the global climate warming, modern city life, more dependent on air conditioning in summer. In fact, air-conditioning is not only a waste of energy, and easily lead to the weakening of the immune system. Leather furniture, fabric furniture, comfortable sitting of course, but the poor ventilation, especially in the summer, the use of leather furniture, fabric furniture, air conditioning of the opportunity to increase not only in the use of energy, and improve living expenses.
Therefore, low-carbon one of the functions of furniture, will be the use of low-carbon.
Fourth, why the low-carbon rattan furniture?
Furniture environmental protection, the first thing to raw materials, environmental protection, natural rattan material is recommended as the United Nations environmental organization Green room materials.
Cane is grown in the tropical rainforest in the palm plants, the stem is covered by catheter, permeability, and thick, hard skin and to have strong attributes, with rattan material after cooking, drying, mildew, disinfection and sterilization process treatment, has become an excellent furniture material.
2, rattan furniture production technology determines its low-carbon.
Rattan furniture is furniture production still retains the most traditional manufacturing methods – hand process. Therefore, rattan furniture in the production process can not contain chemical additives, the main room where the volatile substances from plastic furniture, mosaic and painting, composite materials, furniture, take Daixinban for itself is to use glue squeeze through a special made, chemical pollution is relatively serious. The rattan furniture well to avoid this shortcoming, a vine can be made arbitrarily complex shapes, reducing Stitching furniture. Even if the place is also a mosaic cane wrapped with riveting fixed, do not glue.
3, rattan furniture, paint is used for the surface varnish, lacquer plant, only just meet the rattan plant paint the skin characteristics, and organic cane surface of integration, rather than the chemical pollution
4, rattan furniture, found in the use of energy-saving principle of the natural attributes of the vine in the summer decided to use a cool, not cold in winter use. Unlike the summer air conditioning needs with fabric furniture, metal furniture need to open the winter heating use as a waste of energy.
The longer the use of rattan furniture, rattan wood smoother, more elastic and toughness, with the human body are close and friendly contacts.
In addition, the rattan furniture is very suitable for pregnant women to use family, natural green, mother and baby healthy and happy is a good partner!

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