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April 16, 2016

Outdoor furniture purchase Raiders

    Keywords 1 : sun corrosion

    The key is to stand the weather, outdoor furniture, the test, so the need for regular maintenance compared to wood outdoor furniture is concerned, more durable metal materials, especially after the water treated alloy, not only not rust, but also durable. Outdoor rattan furniture, although beautiful, and the outdoor environment and complement each other, but expensive, and difficult to take care of, so be sure to choose good quality and specially treated, the market has a rattan materials – West rattan, relatively cheap, and easy to wash, more suitable for outdoor use.

The world’s top patio furniture, rattan imitation brand DEDON plastic material is used in fibers, the appearance looks similar to natural rattan furniture, but this material is not afraid of wind and rain and sun, but also anti-UV, a lot of the top hotels, luxury selected patio furniture.

Key words 2: comfortable and elegant

To break furniture, outdoor furniture and interior boundaries, and now many outdoor rattan furniture designers pay more attention to design, to meet the body’s own material property curve and the two benchmarks, the overall sense of style and rhythm is more streamlined, standardized parameter based on improved performance and size of furniture, and strive to combine aesthetics and ergonomics.

Outdoor rattan furniture in order to give full play to the role of RELAX, reflecting the return to nature of the concept of leisure, the focus should be placed on a person’s inner feelings, and many more streamlined, arc, shape of leaves and flowers as the theme, giving the most comfortable feeling close to nature, let the body and mind to achieve the perfect fit.

Keywords 3 :mobile

Previously, luxury patio furniture, houses of the patent, a symbol of identity and status. When the outdoor furniture has become a fashionable part of life, urban people could not hold back its enthusiasm. In fact, just a hard layout, a balcony, even if only a corner of the garden can be constructed out of a feeling.

Space is limited for the “Garden”, the best choice for folding or stacking style, so you can easily incorporated. If you need a vacation outing, you can choose aluminum outdoor furniture, light weight, portable, picnic, fishing is very convenient, and then bring some of the best outdoor equipment, such as BBQ, tents, etc., in order to add a lot of outdoor travel fun.

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