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February 27, 2017

If you want to invest in restaurant furniture, you should first understand the development trend of the restaurant furniture industry!


Strict regulation of the real estate industry of the real impact of the macroeconomic environment of the downstream industry, the restaurant furniture industry in the restaurant into a turbulent period of adjustment, from the current point of view, China’s second-tier market, the situation is even more severe, dining furniture, but four hundred twenty-three The market has remained relatively stable in the long run continue to push forward urbanization, and the protection of housing construction has brought a huge market opportunity. Sofa market at a local restaurant can still enter new markets, such as affordable housing, as well as to improve the remote location of the room, restaurant furniture manufacturers need a smart restaurant furniture businessman keen to capture the opportunity, take the initiative.

Gradual decline in overall restaurant table, chair mode four categories of market share remained stable, but the good physical properties of hardwood furniture, variety, the delicate natural texture Quotes proportion of specific changes, the market is maturing, gradually devouring other products market. The extensive mature promote rapid development of important factors restaurant furniture, furniture market, furniture manufacturers, hardwood furniture in 2012, will be further optimized.

Years of tepid performance of restaurant furniture business in 2011, catering furniture momentum of rapid development, has become the focus of the industry. Many of China’s large and medium-sized furniture manufacturers, including many of the original enterprises to adopt a wait-and-see attitude also have involved. Media exclaimed, hotel lobby furniture professional furniture brand has become a dining table and chairs the 2011 industry only in the winter. Furniture, all fueled rapid development is expected to be achieved by 2012.

Analysis of the industry, the positioning of restaurant furniture products matures, the advantages of the technology, will be better able to play the the Daxian position, especially in the small restaurant sofa areas of mass customization to spend a lot of personalized prominent height bionic varieties to promote the products of the furniture, restaurant tables and chairs in the market to mature.

From these facts that the hotel lobby furniture Another reason for the low degree of concern in the industry, specialty products industry widely, the terminal market trends will become significantly more restaurant furniture, which is the “common make the cake bigger, therefore, a more large soup “by saying. The dealer furniture manufacturers to bring consumers dealer driven active market for hotel lobby furniture purchase furniture products on the whole industry chain downstream participation more quickly towards market cultivation stage, hardwood furniture into the rapid growth of the market, even mature restaurant sofa stage.

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