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February 14, 2017

How the renovation of the old garden furniture? Teach you how to paint your garden furniture


Re-painted wooden furniture is not difficult, if done correctly, can breathe new life into their few pieces of furniture that looks like new again!

But it is not all looks – and re-painting wooden furniture every few years to increase its durability and extends its life, so that you can continue to enjoy your purchase in the next few years.

Here is my guide re-painted wooden outdoor furniture:


• begin demolition furniture, if possible – so that you can ensure that each painted the water leaks route and destroy your hard work.
• Use a stiff wire brush or coarse sandpaper polished to a good rub to remove dirt, debris and any previous coats of paint.
• If there are any particular areas severely damaged, waterproof spread paste wood filler and smooth surface, so it is flat. Before leaving it sufficiently dried (overnight is best), rubbing it with fine sand paper sheet until it blends with the rest of the timber.

Safety Tips: If sanding, coating, application in before the end of the 1960s, wearing a mask on your face paint may contain toxic lead particles, you really do not want to breathe!


• In your painting, you have to apply a good quality, waterproof primer to protect the wood element to ensure the smooth progress of the paint.
• Apply the natural texture of the wood used in brush strokes in the same direction, with a brush, and then left to dry completely.
• Once the primer is dry (this may take up to 24 hours), applicable to paint the top using the same technology. Please keep in mind that the use of paint has been specifically designed for outdoor use!
• richer, deeper color, you might want to apply additional coats of paint, and then re-assemble furniture – remember to let each coat dry completely, then add the next, or use the furniture.

Tip: under different climatic conditions (such as hot, dry and cold and wet) requires a different type of paint – please contact your local garden center to find out which is most suitable for your garden furniture paint


Now, your furniture, freshly painted, remember to take good care of it, will maximize only need to paint. With a little TLC, paint on the tables and chairs in your garden begins to wear or chip, it might be a good few years!

• furniture away from direct sunlight or if you like to sit in the sun, remember to reposition the work from time to time the sun hits one-discriminatory in all directions.
In winter to keep the furniture drying, or even put it inside the waterproof cover.
• repair small cracks may appear inside when you noticed them – otherwise water may leak, causing the paint bubble, a further blow.

I hope the Suggestions is useful, if you have any tips, your own re-painted wooden garden furniture, all my ears.

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