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November 1, 2016

How many types of outdoor garden patio furniture?

In the outdoor garden patio furniture, furniture. It is weather resistant material. There are many types of outdoor furniture, including teak, plastic, wrought iron and wicker.

Teak outdoor furniture is teak. Teak is known as its resistance to rot. The teak tree had grown in tropical Asia. Asian tropical rainforest experience extreme weather conditions throughout the year. The teak There are a significant market share since 1800. It has a hard surface, persistent bad weather. This will add an elegant style to your garden.

Plastic furniture is both stylish and practical. Unlike traditional plastic furniture, plastic modern furniture and durable. This is much cheaper than the wooden garden furniture. They are in different colors and textures. It is very resistant to cracking, warping and decay. It does not stain and ultraviolet reaction. It is easy to clean, and do not get rusty like iron furniture.

The art of wrought iron furniture has been forged into a different design. It consists of a number of round steel. It is similar to the Victorian furniture. Which is suitable for outdoors, because it is heavy, and can withstand strong winds. If you live in a windy climate of the place, you can buy a wrought iron patio furniture. Because it is made ​​of iron, it can easily rust. To avoid rust, you can cover with a special coating. Many manufacturers will be drawn to distribution to the store, black furniture, forest green. Paint to prevent rust.

Wicker garden furniture since the Egyptian times and has always existed. It can be used indoor and outdoor use. It is not called by a wicker material. It can be from different types of materials such as rattan, bamboo. It has a simple and attractive design. It looks best when it is positioned in the courtyard garden, in the sun. The heat from the sun will dry out. You should never wet wicker furniture, because the water will accumulate between the weave, making it rot.

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