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April 30, 2016

Furniture markets in Shunde Lecong Town,China

1, Lecong the International Furniture Exhibition Center
      Lecong the International Furniture Exhibition Center, construction area of ​​183,000 square meters,construction area is currently rated the world’s single largest furniture exhibition. Front of the mainbuilding 8 floors, 41 meters tall, Bo Center has first-class equipment at home and advanced managementsystem, escalators (60) units, tourism ladder, people and goods elevator. The first floor of furniture supermarket, two to the sixth floor with garden layout. Set: procurement, exhibitions, sightseeing,tourism, catering, cargo in one. To design their new, magnificent architecture, complete functions, such as the rainbow has a tendency to become the Furniture markets in Shunde Lecong Town in the era of classic masterpiece.

2, North Sunlink Furniture City
    Seongbuk Shunlian furniture covers an area of ​​70,000 square meters, operating a total area of ​​about20 million square meters of property by the 11 building complex composed of 4 rows of ladder-like sub-ranked in the “capital of Chinese furniture business” – Furniture markets in Shunde Lecong Town  the leading location, the overall layoutis reasonable, convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities, perfect service system.Financial settlement, logistics and freight, a large car park, logistics handling centers, hotels,restaurants, customer service center, foreign service centers and the like readily available, is a response to the needs of international development of modern professional furniture trade and business center in the flow of Chinese furniture has a pivotal position in the market. In the “five furniture, international procurement center” under the guidance of the principle of business development, after several years of market development and operation of the present Sunlink has attracted more than 400 North brand manufacturers and companies in the implementation of the classification of the management plan At the same time, and gradually established a professional purchasing international furniture hub.

3, European and American furniture in Shunde Dynasty
       European and American furniture in Shunde ranked dynasty furniture in the country’s largest Furniture markets in Shunde Lecong Town , the Chinese furniture trade are – Lecong the central prime locations, Europe and the United States is China’s first business furniture manufacturers original famous brand luxury furniture, accessories and many domestic famous brand furniture trump card dealer.  Over the past decade, European and American furniture in Shunde Dynasty accurate market positioning and excellent artistic vision, has become renowned furniture industry brand leader. Shop now owns the Royal, the aristocracy shops, modern shops, affordable shops, supporting the center and five ace home design stores, operating a total area of ​​4 square meters, is the industry’s widely recognized furniture museum。

       The international stage as the vision to lead the trend, beyond the ordinary for the idea, with more than ten years of home accumulation of cultural awareness, dedicated to making your world enjoy Furniture markets in Shunde Lecong Town down the best, to create supreme temple of the perfect home, so you can enjoy Thatcher realm of life.

4  million Lecong the International Furniture City Mission
         Lecong Mission million located in the International Furniture City, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Highway 325 State Road, Foshan First Ring Road and 325 National Highway, an area of ​​ over one hundred thousand square meters, with a large sofa, office, Redwood General Session and a number of hypermarkets, “large, full and special,” the special characteristics of the overall planning and reasonable set order, make life difficult for customers to provide maximum convenience to buy comparison. All kinds of furniture, variety, type the whole, the same level of quality, low consumption, the process is regiment million “people-oriented, customer first” business philosophy.

5, cis-linked Century Furniture City
      Shunlian Century Furniture City (South) is located in Furniture markets in Shunde Lecong Town , the center from the furniture market, with a total business area of ​​more than 10 million square meters. Furniture store owned eleven vertical and horizontal communication, respectively, with shops, warehouses, restaurants and accommodation, fully equipped, fully functional. Point operations inside the city famous furniture manufacturers nearly a thousand, business species include various types of fine furniture and home series.

      Furniture markets in Shunde Lecong Town  “luxury brand” strategy, business model and create Category: furniture along three city has become a leading “boutique furniture city”, as the furniture business, “beautiful” on behalf of the Ming Jiang Xuan Furniture Plaza, also in the European Block set point operation; smooth one, two, three focus on the second floor of the formation of a wholesale office furniture, office furniture on display thousands of models available for your selection of fine Italian; four to ten Sofa Outlet Shunlian nearly 6 million square meters of business area, brings together more than 300 professional manufacturers sofa set point management, imposing extraordinary, where type is ready to form a beautiful city landscape furniture.

6, Dah Sing Shunde Furniture Mall
       Dah Sing furniture store located in the Lok four rows from the Furniture markets in Shunde Lecong Town, the shopping area of ​​three “thousand square meters, a collection of dozens of domestic and foreign manufacturers of dozens of well-known brand of furniture, mainly Italian leather sofa, fabric sofa, bed “pad, rosewood, wood, package room, office and other removable furniture. Dah Sing International Furniture City, the market economy-oriented, scientific management as a means, in good faith with the producers of “Household cooperation.

7, East Ming International Furniture City
      Ming East International Furniture City, with a total investment of 250 million yuan, covers an area of ​​72,000 square meters, with a total area of ​​15 square meters, equipped with sofas, office, board suites, integrated furniture, furniture export zone and the Ad Hoc Hall of large furniture wholesale store. With a hotel business center, foreign trade import and export of office furniture, matching center, domestic and foreign logistics center. Partition scientific management, improve procurement efficiency, has won the appreciation of the industry peers.

8, as high as furniture center
     Lecong the brand’s first garden furniture exhibition center; Lecong the store’s first model designed by the brand furniture exhibition center; music’s first electronic information from a furniture showroom. Garden design, to create a comfortable shopping environment; from Foshan part of only 500 meters, the location; has more than 1,500 parking spaces; overall planning construction area of ​​350,000 square meters, open operation, closed-end management model can ensure good market order, high-tech intelligent information consulting system and 24-hour electronic security system, can provide safe and reliable service.

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