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September 24, 2016

Embedded installation, half embedded installation of lighting

$ 100K new construction and $ 800,000 with all the upgrades light between the starting of the bells and whistles of new construction home What’s the difference? No. Yes, you read that right. Flush mount chandelier, most manufacturers use the same brass and glass, you’ve seen – you’ve seen all the lights in all families, they are established, regardless of price points.

is not what you immediately notice, but if you look at, you will find that they are the same. Why tell you this? Easy. Very easy and cheap to upgrade the lighting of your home, turn your home, but more unique lamps to replace the overall appearance of the builder’s standard lamps.

the upgrade, the easiest and cheapest light flush mount lighting. They are sitting flush on the ceiling lights, is usually found in the hallway, bathroom and secondary bedroom. Traditionally, the refresh install ceiling light is pure simple and boring. Frosted glass dome hovering a copper ring. A white band around another frosted dome of painted aluminum.

This is not necessarily the case. Flush-mounted light is not so boring and mediocre. Add some pizzazz to your corridor. Inject some Kewo flares. Injection some glittering bath.

Whether your style is what a flush mount, or the thinness of the lantern, they are often called out there in the lighting world. If you like the traditional shape, but want to move, copper ring, try the matte tin or dark wrought aluminum to complete. If you lean to the modern, new flush mount on the market today is similar to art sculpture.

as GLAM? Think you are lack of space? Flush mount hanging crystals and glass balls to create a chandelier illusion. In fact, the trend of great importance to style and detail led to the flush mount varieties to suit any taste.

If you have additional headroom, and can even replace the standard, flush-mounted, a gorgeous new half embedded installation of lighting. Never heard of it? It is only to be suspended from the ceiling slightly flush-mounted. According to the manufacturer and design, semi-flush mounted to hang 4 “-18” from anywhere on the ceiling. In fact, it combines the best assets of a flush-mounted chandeliers, to add just the right touch of style, need.

can redecorate your bathroom elegant Tiffany inspired semi-flush mounted lights or to create a compromise between the need for a revision of the space in your guest bedroom, office, or any of this room and half embedded installation of similar Frank Lloyd Wright design. Sky, or more precisely, on the ceiling limit.

then, why builders choose this silly option, lighting can be so wonderful? They attempt to placate the masses to choose the lighting of this mediocre? They cheap? Quantity cheaps from the manufacturer’s so great, it’s worth supply of 20 years to buy brass lamps? Who knows? One thing is certain; it is easy to replace the flush mounts and semi flush mounts, should be the first thing on the list of any new homeowner

The fact, if you are building a new house, requiring the lighting credit, then buy their own. They said that the seven-year average homeowner living in his own house. Who wants boring, lifeless and mediocre lighting for seven years?

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