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April 29, 2016

China rattan outdoor furnitures create a home life

       China rattan outdoor furniture bring a more casual outdoor lifestyle furniture, live music for people to create a home; This article mainly from the material, color, concept of the china rattan outdoor furniture to create a happy home life to give readers a better understanding of their outdoor furniture to improve the living environment, return to natural life, physical and mental feelings of “health, happiness, environmental protection and sustainable” is the core concept of LOHAS. LOHAS respect for nature, and enjoys the outdoor garden to enjoy the fresh flavor, this is fashion.

      Durable and environmentally friendly materials

      Most of the early china rattan outdoor furniture is solid wood, rattan, plastic, alloy, inflatable, unique. Outdoor furniture, to face the biggest challenge is the sun and rain, cold summer, but solid wood, rattan moisture, decay and other characteristics than the poor. Therefore, the vast majority of china rattan outdoor furniture in the following three types of material, iron (including alloy), stainless steel and teak, aluminum frame and PE rattan combination. One of the most prominent visual effects can be most convenient to move, that is, aluminum frame and PE rattan combination.

      ConocoPhillips, according to Mr. Lee described the company’s outdoor furniture, PE is a fiber made of environmentally friendly materials, after repeated tests, which itself has superior UV resistance, resist fading in the sun for a long time Mi new, and even bubble are intact in the sea. In addition, from manufacturing to consumer use are taken into every aspect of environmental protection, oil and colored fiber material is not disseminated, and easy care, water washing can be bright as new.

      Fashion colorful design

      China rattan outdoor furniture modeling simple, lightweight materials, combined with brilliant colors, often bring with it the feeling of uncertainty. Furniture Fair in Guangzhou, the reporter found the green, white, wood grain and color are affected by young people. The latest china rattan outdoor furniture, aesthetic principles have already started to make systematic furniture styling, body color, body composition and other aspects of reunification. Such as the return of the original hand-woven, full of natural flavor of the music live.

       In addition, due to restrictions on outdoor furniture from space, so no specific details of the agreement, but the visual impact of outdoor furniture is definitely one of the most feature-oriented. Seen from the china rattan outdoor furniture fair, in addition to part of a design style to the extension of the indoor furniture, most of the designs are fanciful, many of them to streamline, arc-shaped, leaves, flowers, boats and shape as the theme, give close to nature feeling. The design principles to meet the body’s own material property curve and two reference points, stressed that the overall shape of the fluidity and rhythm, giving a picturesque beauty temptation.

     LOHAS concept of physical and mental health

      Live music is not just a way of life, or a natural, healthy, sophisticated attitude to life, environmental health is an important element. LOHAS Lee told reporters that a modern city lifestyle more and more emphasis on health, rural atmosphere of the life of a good choice. When you’re in the home furnishings some creative china rattan outdoor furniture , you can create a unique small space outdoor effect.

     Moreover, china rattan outdoor furniture, more and more automation, air purification function with outdoor tables and chairs, umbrellas, etc. can release negative ions have been avant-garde of outdoor furniture available. They release negative ions in and around the harmful gases, bacteria, pollution exposure, the oxidation-reduction reaction can be carried out effectively kill all bacteria and harmful contaminants. Exposure to which the home owner can enjoy the fun of natural oxygen bar.

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