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May 6, 2016

About Our PE Rattan Furnitures Quality

Currently, PE rattan furniture for a wide range of material is more PE rattan + aluminum frame. Square tube aluminum frame and aluminum can be divided into two types, such as rattan sofa and more general use square tube, rattan tables and chairs it, the two are used, the key is determined by the product design. PE rattan, is divided into flat and round rattan cane, usually a round flat rattan cane price will be higher than 1 / 3, round rattan cane used in the tables and chairs, sofa, also depends on the specific style may be.
      PE rattan furniture  of the main factors of quality PE rattan, aluminum tubes the thickness of the number, the number of material usage, labor costs. PE rattan materials partakers good and bad, we usually use the PE rattan is 20 yuan / KG, and poor PE rattan prices are much cheaper, the market 9 yuan / KG have to buy, but the difference in the preparation of rattan easy to become loose during the compilation is not solid, and easy to crack on the outside, bad; and good PE rattan, because the preparation was solid, and the material itself with a higher hardness and strength, flexibility and good resistance to fatigue , wear, so use outdoors two to three years do not become type, PE rattan furniture will not go off. We used to tube wall thickness 1.0-1.2MM, there are some plants used for the wall thickness of 0.8MM cost savings, but will determine the thickness of aluminum products, the use of the late period and stability, we pay more attention the quality of the product. How much amount of material is determined by style, and some models can only 1KG, while some sections may need to 3KG, then the price is reflected here. In the preparation process, some take longer to complete the product, the cost of the relatively higher labor costs, prepare for some difficult style, we will pay the workers a relatively higher price of.
      In order to better reflect the outdoor furniture PE rattan imitation of comfort and beauty, but also added a number of products such as cushion, backrest, cushion, tempered glass. Cushion and backrest, we usually use the polyester tarps + sponge. Polyester pillow with a waterproof cotton cloth + doll. Steel, glass, usually with flowers on the table and coffee table, the table is generally used 8MM thick, coffee table for general use 5MM thick tempered glass, tempered glass can be sprayed into the other colors, it depends on the specific circumstances may be a guest favorite.

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