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March 28, 2016

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       Rattan furniture manufacturers in the first half of the real estate market ups and downs,  also will lower the domestic industry full of variables,  furniture market is naturally immune. comes to the current market conditions, rattan furniture, Jinhu regional manager Huang said, as the financial crisis
       Rattan furniture factories machine the impact of China’s market economy gradually recovered, the furniture industry with the real estate market is also heating up the rebound. From this year’s August to September statistics data, the current furniture market has begun to enter the season 
         Mr.Huang views obtained in the presence of, Gu process banana clip store manager I agree with Yang, she said, before the whole market in May is not very optimistic about the situation, but after the positive changes is obvious. And she believes that the China rattan furniture market has been restored to its previous level. 
          furniture for consumers to buy most concerned about the issue, the two guests were from the plate, solid wood, rattan, and other types of skin cloth sofa, a systematic description
        Rattan furniture manufacturers Mr.Huang said: buy solid wood furniture generally pay attention to moisture content, products in the production process, the material in the water to dry, there are a certain size and brand awareness of products, the moisture content to achieve the national standard, otherwise, they would easily deformed. For furniture, priced at providing the best test to look at reports, such as formaldehyde release note. As for the rattan furniture, Mr.Huang said that the China rattan furniture are very beautiful painting done, the most critical is the vine itself, and if the cane is relatively small, relatively narrow, it certainly is not good to do, so the longer vine products quality will be better 
         sofa and living room furniture manufacturers for the choice, more than the manager said to buy leather sofa is to look at the first or the second layer of skin material is the first layer of skin, or three hides. First layer of skin smooth to the touch, the surface texture clear, feels very good smoothness, and the second layer of skin feel a bit hard, and almost the same surface texture, leather is even worse. Commoner furniture generally better, and that is a little thick, smooth to the touch point, and is generally based on price differentiation, the higher the price is definitely the better fabrics
        Rattan furniture manufacturers at the same time, the two guests to remind consumers not to blindly buy furniture, must see more news, there is pollution of the product will be pungent flavor. And pay attention to product specifications, recommended to choose a brand-name products, so the probability of experiencing worries will be greatly reduced.
      Rattan furniture factory is well known, the furniture in their daily life, is the highest utilization rate of household items, therefore, on the product’s maintenance is very important, otherwise it will cause defects in product features or texture 
        on the market the brand as solid wood furniture, water content is almost in line with state regulations, so when the weather is dry, the owners point of water spray in the air on it. “Mr.Huang said furniture care more convenient, can directly rub with a towel to keep products clean. However, no matter what kind of furniture, do not touch the water more, otherwise it will affect the product life
         Rattan furniture manufacturers say this, I hold the same view of the manager. She said the general with a semi-dry towel, leather sofa, very easy to clean, do not need special care, the emphasis is commoner furniture, cloth cover, dirty can be cleaned by hand or sent to dry cleaners, no washing machine on without any problems. If the leather furniture, wet weather, when mildew point, and without tension, slowly wipe can be found immediately after

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