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November 7, 2016

Your PE rattan garden furniture can be more colorful

In short, the answer to this question is yes. Under direct sunlight will feel the rattan become more flexible. It shows in their chairs, and will only be a little more flexible to the touch. There is no visible change to the rattan chairs. In our experience, we have only to all clients who ask for the rotation at the top of his paintings. Wicker in the top of the dining tables, but below the tempered glass can often seem a bit weak when exposed to direct sunlight.

Movement in rattan under direct sunlight is much more the norm throughout the industry and wicker garden furniture is not a sign of an enduring problem. Wicker can seem a little wavy under the glass table top when exposed to direct sunlight. As one can imagine the glass acts as a magnifying glass and heat the bottom of the table. When the sun goes down the rod returns to its original position and there is little evidence of movement.

T that I would write a little blog on this subject, as only today I had a customer asking about me. I’ll start writing more blogs in our Q and A section as we do very similar questions is asking a lot. We also have a Q and a section on the main website, along with a wide range of information about our wicker wicker garden furniture.

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