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January 23, 2017

You will choose popular the china garden furniture, or choose the most popular special china garden furniture?

china garden furniture or furniture need to be rugged, waterproof. In this article, we will discuss the most common type of wood used in the garden furniture, you can choose for your furniture and some of the ways to take care of it. Tiger Woods is generally divided into two categories, namely hard wood and soft wood. These two types of wood can be used for outdoor garden furniture. Here are some of the most popular types of wood used to make outdoor furniture.

Redwood – Redwood is an extremely durable hardwood. Only exists in China and the west coast of the United States, thousands of years of life tree. The wood from this tree is ruled, a little pink, and has a high resistance to rot and termites. Mahogany furniture care and appropriate treatment can last more than 25 years.

Cedar – Cedar is the North American softwood. The wood is light-colored, natural division and resistant to mold, insects and wet weather. If you deal with on a regular basis, china garden furniture made from cedar, can last for decades. Cedar biggest advantage is that it’s growing rapidly!

Teak – teak, because of its appearance and tone, timber, one of the most sought after outdoor and indoor furniture, outdoor furniture. This honey brown hardwood resistant to rot, you will continue over five even if left in the open for decades without being tended. Teak prices soared in the past few decades, due to inventory reduction and consumer demand. Because such a high price, consumers have been looking for similar alternatives durable. There are few people eucalyptus, Eucalyptus Shorea and Robledo.

Jarrah – Jarrah reserves are constantly consumed. Due to this fact, Jarrah and quality of Australia’s timber harvest of forest management by the government. Government to ensure that the planting of new trees.

Parashorea – Parashorea only distributed in Malaysia and Indonesia is more important than teak. The Shorea Is a lot of re-pricing of teak is a good choice.

Roble – This hardwood is relatively light weight, which are mainly distributed in the dry tropical forests of South America. With proper care, it can last decades.

– Eucalyptus is found in tropical eucalyptus in Australia. From this type of wood, with wooden furniture, and a decent price tag. Why? This wood is highly resistant to rot and insects. In addition to more than they regularly deal with furniture oil, tropical hardwoods, weather, forming a silver deposits. Some other form of wood can be used for outdoor garden furniture is pine, cypress, alder, willow.

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