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April 18, 2017

You need to know their own style, do not buy with their own style furniture! This is a waste!


If you are eager to fill yourgarden furniture or outdoor space with teak furniture, there are some factors to consider before buying. These factors will help you choose the best products. Away from the problem, you can do so. Nobody questioned because of the rush to make a purchase decision 11.

There are a number of factors, your attention before buying, building, fine workmanship, moisture content, the production process, the source or eat teak, teak teak teak outdoor furniture grade.

The Teak level. The teak is divided into three levels, from A, B, C. represents each grade quality, color, texture, Junction visibility, durability, moisture content, part of the teak tree, etc.. Teak Class A has the best quality, and other characteristics that the C-grade teak value 12 times. Teak Class B, visible knot, which makes it a lower price compared to the A-level. Grade C teak very high moisture content is almost considered part of life. Therefore, if the teak outdoor garden furniture stores provide cheap, you need to pay more attention from its grade quality time before making a purchase decision.

Production process. Production process, affecting the final product’s life cycle, the word is teak outdoor furniture. Production of furniture, including dry kiln, cutting, assembling and finishing accessories. You do not have to worry about that you want to buy, if it is proved that a well-made piece of teak. Just make sure you have the information displayed by the suppliers in their product or mark.

Construction technology. Teak outdoor furniture clean, smooth surface, glue-free, good quality of installed hardware and security. If you want to buy furniture online, search the online store, providing high-quality photos, you can zoom in, and then look at the details of the furniture, in order to ensure the quality.

Source teak. Today, the market demand for illegally logged teak furniture. However, whether this will affect the balance of nature and habitat, which makes the issue of Mother Earth. Choose green furniture manufacturers, they have taken legal sources from well-managed FSC certificate and TFT teak plantations or increase in value.

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