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February 16, 2017

You have incredible assets – rattan chair? If not, you have to hurry to buy a set!

rattan chair is an incredible asset in your home. They exude style and elegant place to add flavor, you wicker hanging. Into heaven, you can open an ordinary chair hanging wicker chair. Hanging on the chair in the process is not a difficult one, but there are some things you must keep in mind while doing so.

1. You must ensure that there is sufficient space, the suspension of the chair. There should be a gap of at least six to eight feet above the chair space. There should be at least three feet of space behind the wicker chair movement space. You can adjust the gap, so that the gap between a comfortable chair and on the ground, so you do not fall off the chair, which will be high enough off the ground to enjoy.

2. Tool to discover the bolt, you must find the ceiling keel, will be used to suspend the chair. The joist center will provide the safest, most secure pause.

3. Next, you need a 5/16 wood drill bit. This will be used to drill a hole about 5 inches deep keel. This guide hole, even with the ceiling, or perpendicular to it. Joist careful to ensure that does not split. The holes should be drilled in the center for maximum stability.

4. You now have eyebolts to ensure to the ceiling joists, until it is safe. Each thread of the bolt should disappear on the ceiling of the guide hole. Make sure it does not move, it bears the weight.

5. Use large S hook, you are able to protect and suspended wicker chair. Before sitting in the chair, in order to ensure that the eyebolts is safe, and will not fall under the pressure of the weight of some of the weight of the chair.

6. You now have a hanging wicker chairs, enjoy and relax. Do not rotating chair and swing too hard, otherwise it will fall to the eyebolt.

Now, you can have a lot of one of the countless hours of relaxation and peace of rattan chair. If you are smart and responsible wicker chair, you can safely enjoy for a long period of time.

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