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November 21, 2016

Wicker furniture was often used in tropical regions ,using woven furniture outside

Woven furniture has a long history, stemming from the reeds and swamp grasses of Egypt’s Nile River, becoming popular in Rome, then England, and finally, the U.S. in the 1840s. At that time, clipper ships from Asia brought to North America cargo wrapped in raw cane to prevent shifting. Once deliveries were made, the cane was discarded and left at the docks. In 1844, Cyrus Wakefield, then a 33-year-old grocer, is said to have collected an armful at a wharf in Boston, noting how flexible the material was. Wakefield soon discovered the the infinite possibilities for furniture-making, sold his grocery and founded the Wakefield Rattan Company, later to become Heywood-Wakefield.

Woven materials such as rattan are lightweight, do not attract mold, or easily gather dust, and are relatively easy to clean. In tropical climates, rattan’s water-resistent properties come in handy. However, it is recommended that most woven furniture should not be left out in the rain or direct sunlight indefinitely.

Most of us are familiar with using woven furniture outside, but it works beautifully inside as well. I like how it references the outdoors and gives interior spaces a breezy, laid-back feel. Let’s take a look:

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