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May 16, 2017

wicker furniture and rattan furniture is a furniture? The answer is completely wrong, they are different


Speaking of home and furniture will be used for internal or external design of course, for many people, has become a very interesting thing, because people usually choose the best application for their house, they should be highly concerned. Furniture to become an integral part of building the best house, so the choice of furniture should be carefully considered. In a furniture shop, whether online or offline, we can see that certain categories of furniture, including rattan furniture and rattan furniture favorite.

Some people think, rattan and wicker furniture is the same type of furniture, but in fact, this view is completely wrong. Vine itself is a kind of sugar cane plantations, can be found in some tropical countries, including Indonesia, the largest manufacturer of furniture from vine to vine. Flexible texture, which allows it to be applied in wicker furniture. With furniture of people arrange wicker furniture material, although not always by rattan, wicker course will be related.

This is a very basic thing, one must understand, so they will not be deceived, part of the furniture when they want to buy wicker furniture, rattan.

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