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June 16, 2016

Where to buy quality hotel furniture ?

In the past, most traditional hotel use solid wood furniture; now a modern and elegant style, simple and high-grade, waterproof, fireproof, wear resistant, environmentally friendly, cost-effective furniture, has become nowadays a 4 star hotel and apartments and below the best choice ; then, investment in hotels and apartment hotels how to buy good quality furniture?

Comparison of solid wood furniture, panel furniture

First, on-demand options

    Solid wood furniture and furniture on the differences between the two, though reflected in many ways, but the style and positioning according to the hotel, four star hotel and the following optional finishes renovation of furniture is the ideal choice; Here’s to fully understand the characteristics of various types of furniture.

Thorough knowledge of solid wood furniture

    Solid wood furniture is made from natural wood furniture, wood furniture surfaces in general can see the real texture. It includes not only people’s impression of the mahogany furniture, there are many other materials for the production of solid wood furniture; surface through layers of paint are handled. In fact, solid wood furniture on the market today there are basically two types of pure solid wood furniture, all furniture is solid wood with wood, including desktops, cabinet doors, side panels etc made of pure wood, do not use any other form of wood-based panels, also known as wood furniture. The other is solid wood furniture, is from the natural wood grain appearance, feel and color and solid wood furniture are the same, but in fact it is solid wood and wood-based panel production mix of furniture, such as panels, side panels, shelves, etc. Use a thin veneer of particleboard or medium density fiberboard, solid wood legs and column are used, such as furniture market also pan solid wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture, fly in the ointment.
1, solid wood furniture, the main problem is the moisture content changes to make it easy to deformation, can not let direct sunlight, the room temperature is not too high or too low, too dry and humid environment on the solid wood furniture is not appropriate.

    2, another combination of solid wood furniture, components and adhesives commonly used tenon structure, finished generally can not be demolished, carrying, very inconvenient.

    3, solid wood furniture paint finishes as is easily scratched, ruined, maintenance and high maintenance requirements, paint containing formaldehyde and other toxic elements, will cause any harm.

    4 panel, side panels, shelves and other particleboard or medium density fiberboard with a thin veneer finishes posted solid wood furniture, panel furniture assembly with the advantages of flexibility, but the paint and synthetic polymer and the sheet of formaldehyde and other toxic elements, the human body more dangerous.

Furniture is difficult to give up the advantages

    1, panel furniture parts combination of commonly used metal hardware, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, high-precision number removal of furniture can be installed.

    2, with the same wood as the natural texture, feel and color, as well as a variety of styles, artistic veneer, color and texture changes may give a different feel, in form and design, there are many changes, with a personality and deformation.

    3, high cost: performance and low cost is much higher than wood hotel furniture, in particular, water-proof plate is U.S. hotel furniture, a renovated apartment in the hotel after 5 to 6 years of business, no furniture investment with a long repeat good quality furniture, appearance, performance and low cost is much higher than conventional plate hotel furniture.

    4, Chiba plate hotel furniture also has excellent wear resistance and fire performance: the board can resist the screws, keys and other metal and telephone, ashtrays, cups, lamps, flower pots, laptops, luggage, electric water boiler, etc. The use of grinding equipment designated hotel and not leave scratches (video); fear of lit cigarettes, matches, 3cm2 barbecue lighters fire 10 seconds no damage (video);

Furniture had to pay attention to the shortcomings of

    1, panel board furniture more in environmental protection issues, if the furniture materials such as particleboard, and veneer, edge banding time and not all of its package is good, it is easy to release to the environment caused by pollution, harmful formaldehyde . Generally speaking, open the door or drawer, if there is a strong pungent odor, is mostly formaldehyde, not to buy. Should choose a reliable brand of furniture, consumer, such as Healthy, Dynasty, etc., hotel furniture, such as is the United States, Golden Phoenix, etc.; and is the U.S. furniture in the production process by a special penetration sealed waterproofing treatment, more effective to prevent harmful gases volatile, more environmentally friendly, healthy.

    2, the market that are commonly used hotel furniture for use ordinary plate humid environment, the table easily and with soaking tea objects in direct contact with water, resulting in exposure and edge off, deformed expansion board, veneer cracks, blisters, etc. affect the furniture appearance of the image problem; Only specially treated fire fire Chiba hotel furniture, furniture in a different environment can be guaranteed to maintain a good appearance and long-term quality, solves this problem, and affordable; invest in the hotel how to buy furniture?

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