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June 9, 2016

What should we pay attention to when purchasing hotel furniture

Identify well-run hotel in the selection of furniture, furniture, furniture should pay attention to check whether the quality of water, fire, abrasion, and environmental protection, specifically the following points:
1, to pay attention to the level of wood moisture content. High moisture content, the wood is easy to warp, deformation. Furniture shall not exceed 12% moisture content, the average consumer to buy, no test equipment, hand-touch approach can be taken, to feel the bottom or inside furniture unpainted areas, if you feel damp, then at least in the moisture content more than 50% can not use. Another way is to sprinkle a little wood not painted at the water, if slow or not Yin Yin, indicating high moisture content. Selection of wood-based panels are deformed, while inflation in the middle bump phenomenon, indicating the board is too high water absorption.

2, note that the materials used in furniture. Furniture, surface materials, such as tables, chairs, cabinet legs, asked to use hardwood, like ash, oak and other, more solid and can load-bearing, and internal materials are available other materials. Wardrobe leg thickness requirements to 2.5cm, thick on the clumsy, easy to bend thin. Kitchen, bathroom cabinets do not use fiber, but should use plywood. Because fiber absorbent, water will expand and damage. Dining table should be washable. Found in wood insect eyes, out of foam, indicating a thorough drying, so the furniture can not buy, the more biting because of the larger insect eye will. Checked the surface, but also open the door, the door to see inside the drawer, there is no decay within the material, you can use a fingernail pinch a pinch, pinch into the decay of the material on the note. After opening the door with his nose to smell, if Chongbi, glare, tears, indicating high levels of formaldehyde in the glue mixture, harmful to humans.

3, to pay attention to whether the structure of solid furniture, mortise junction is tight. Small pieces of furniture such as chairs, stools, racks, etc. in the selection of drag can be a drag on the concrete floor and gently fell Yishuai, crisp sound, indicating the good quality; made between sound dumb if there chop mile pair of pull-noise, mortise with imprecise description of the structure is not strong. Character sets, tables can shake hands shake, take a look at stable instability. Can sit on a sofa, with a shake, if not active, not weak, no sound, indicating the mortise structure, relatively solid, if a move to creak shilly sit to ring a shake to shake, and the nails live, It does not take long. Square table, bar tables, chairs, the legs should have four triangular clamp, from the fixed effect, if not, the time it may fall apart with long. Selection can take a look at the furniture upside down, cloth chair by hand touch.

4, the selection of furniture, furniture legs should check whether the flat floor. This is put on the ground flashed a glance, and some furniture on the floor only three legs. Take a look at the desktop is flat, can not bow or collapse back waist. Desktop raised, the glass will be placed on spin; Desktop recessed, put a pressure on the broken glass. Note Check the doors, drawers of parting can not be too large to pay attention to cross-level firm straight, Siemens can not sag.

5, candidates for board veneer furniture, whether it is attached wood veneer, PVC, or pre-paint paper paste, paste should pay attention to whether the leather was smooth, with or without drum kits, blister, patchwork laxity. Check when directed at the light, red light is not seen. Ash wood veneer furniture, more damage, generally only two years. On wood veneer, the plane side of the veneer peeling than good. Identify the two methods is to look at patterns of wood, wood veneer slicing straight and dense texture, peeling the veneer patterns and the sparse song. Particleboard veneer furniture, some of the ground to be Edge, Edge board will not absorb moisture, swell and damage. General veneer furniture is easy to tilt to the corner where the selection of what can be deducted by hand corner, if a button on it, indicating a problem with plastic.

6, to pay attention to furniture, edging, edge is smooth, tight. Edge uneven, indicating that within the material wet, it will edge out a few days. Edge also is rounded, not straight edge at right angles. Seal the edges with wood damp or crack easily. Plywood furniture package insert, package deals with the use of nails, pay attention to whether the formation of nail holes, nail holes at the other place are the same color. Nail holes are usually sealed with putty, putty has to drum up attention, such as drum up will not work, out slowly putty from the inside out.

7, the selection of a mirror with the categories of furniture, such as dressing table, dressing mirror, dressing mirror, pay attention to according to a photo, to see whether the deformation of the mirror to go color, check whether there is a mirror at the back of the mercury inside the mount and back, not back board failed, no paper does not work, otherwise the mercury will wear off.

8, part of the furniture to paint smooth, flat, no saliva flow, no wrinkle, no knots. Corner part of the not straight edge at right angles, straight edges are prone collapse slag, paint chips. Siemens furniture inside the paint should be the one, could not paint the board easy to bend, not beautiful.

9, to pay attention to the installation of furniture hardware accessories are complete, the rules and reasonable. For example, check the door lock switch Ling ineffective; Big cabinet hinges should be installed three dark, some would not only install two; the three screws on, and some cut corners, only on a screw, will be out with the use of .

10, in the selection of sofas, soft bed, you should pay attention to the surface to be smooth, not spiky; software and hardware should be uniform, but not this hard, piece of soft; hardness to be moderate, neither too hard, no flexibility, can not be too soft, sit down on collapsed. Selection method is to sit on a hand press a press, flat uneven spring ring does not ring, if the spring layout is unreasonable, resulting in spring bite spring, it will beep. Second, whether the break should also pay attention to quilting, jumper, corner tooth sub-density is reasonable.

11, must pay attention when buying furniture, furniture, color coordinated with the interior decoration. White furniture, although beautiful, but a long time easy to turn yellow, and black-prone gray, not pretty at that time diagram, and finally confused white is not white, black is not black. In general, imitation mahogany-colored furniture is not easy to change color.

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