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June 13, 2017

What are the latest developments in the direction of the local outdoor furniture market?


The advice of the House of Representatives and outdoor outdoor furniture shopping and leisure requirements of the Group. The following are important factors to be kept in mind, including a list of industry trends and future prospects …

What constitutes a good value?

Constitute good value in the purchase of outdoor furniture, by decision, once you buy, you have to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction, in order to meet the following requirements: design, comfort, practicality, longevity, sustainability and price.

The design is always pleasing to the eye, simple yet elegant and complex better. In order to achieve the comfort, the need to ensure that furniture is stable, firm, but soft and comfortable. The practicality of the furniture needs to be suitable for its function and the need to integrate into their environment. Longevity needed to manufacture the material may be aging over time, but will mature and become more outstanding. The need for sustainable development is to ensure that you buy furniture from renewable resources, and ultimately biodegradable. Finally, the price is based on your budget, but always remember to pay a little extra quality, a little care, it will last longer.

What are the latest developments in the direction of the local outdoor furniture market?

Different retailers are trying to use different materials and colors, in its production of outdoor furniture. The specification has been conservative in your choice of outdoor furniture suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture from homeowners, this will be a growing demand. With this in mind, outdoor furniture design similar to indoor companions. Color and select customers are trying to take the form, the color of the cushions and accessories in the outdoor.

In addition, more and more customers are looking for longevity and sustainability of their search for outdoor furniture. This is the reason, the local market to provide better quality, sustainable procurement, outdoor furniture. Customers recognize, outdoor furniture, the wood’s natural attraction in the local market is the most desirable material today. In fact, a good quality wood will outlast all modern modern materials, and you can buy wood from sustainable plantations fact, to make customers feel at ease, once they buy their furniture.

Local and European market

Europe is gradually from the traditional thinking of Oriental furniture manufacturing. Manufacture of furniture design in Europe and East monopoly, its price is no longer competitive. Once again, the European production of furniture in your own backyard. South Africa have realized that the production of the furniture is not only economically feasible, but also sustainable. Create jobs, build a strong community and general ethics. South Africa customers are increasingly aware of their purchase, and have become more inclined to buy local design and manufacture furniture.

Global outdoor furniture trends

Europe continue to break new boundaries, try to use a variety of materials and finish their outdoor furniture design and production. With the trend toward outdoor furniture imitate the design of indoor furniture and completed, the company is using a different production methods to combat exposure furniture elements. As a result, many traditional indoor furniture manufacturers are trying to and within the scope of the outdoors, using the trend.

The road ahead and the future

The future of outdoor furniture, it will become more and more like indoor furniture design and details, imitate its comfort and complexity. Outdoor furniture companies use a variety of advanced production methods, customer requirements found in research and development, in order to combat the adverse effects of exposure in the natural environment, outdoor pieces. As a result, the trend of this indoor sports outdoors, many traditional indoor furniture manufacturers are trying and outdoor range, take full advantage of changes in the market.

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