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February 23, 2017

We did not get to know a lot of people on the history of furniture, I can take you to look at the history of furniture, is how the birth of his


Like everything in life, the furniture has its own starting point. The furniture has a long history, and colorful, this. It passes through many civilizations, has changed many times, to achieve the present position. In prehistoric times, when people are still learning the farms, houses and furniture (such as dressers, beds, etc.) stones. The Scottish village Sarah hillside monument of the era. Perhaps it is the civilization of the ancient Egyptian civilization has been the closest to creating a modern furniture. The rich live in a comfortable house, with wooden furniture, at the same time, the poor mud houses, stone furniture. Greek civilization created wooden furniture, but its focus is on the dressing table and sofa, they are used as a bed.

All kinds of furniture

For convenience, the furniture is divided into categories according to function, the utility that they have been designed and manufactured to provide. Storage (cabinet), seating (chairs, sofas, etc.), surface (table, desk, etc.), lying or sleeping (bed, chair, etc.), entertainment (piano) and other (lamps, garden furniture, etc..)

Deck chair

Lounger seats belong to the category. It is a very long on the back of a chair or sofa at one end of a form. The word birth of an eggcorn French word “chaise lounge”. It can be kept inside the house and outdoor. Typically, people are more willing to let them in the outdoor poolside, on the patio or porch.

Benefits of loungers.

The sun lounger is a great addition to your furniture, whether it is indoors or outdoors. Their functionality, but also add beauty to your home. Most have an adjustable back, you can sit up straight or lay back. These are very easy to move, light weight (depending on the material / metal).

Poolside furniture

If you have a swimming pool, you will want to have some poolside furniture, where you can leisurely rest or have a party or dinner.

Poolside lounge

The chaise lounge is the best and most popular poolside furniture, for example, Sanibel rattan loungers sun lounger. Related parties and dinners, outdoor furniture sets, wicker, is the best. However, in order to facilitate your guests, you can also buy a buffer lounge, deep seating set Bellagio.

Patio furniture

You may not have a swimming pool, however, you may have a courtyard. A courtyard connected to your accommodation naked space, it may be your backyard, your terrace or balcony. Like poolside; You can use your patio, casual and formal occasions. For any purpose, you need to garden furniture.

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