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March 28, 2017

Today’s world of tourism development has long been the lot of the hotel, as a hotel, hotel furnitures, the first impression is very important


The tourism industry will never die as long as people need a vacation. Therefore, hotels, and other in the industry always need to develop their own services, in order to gain more benefits, and to provide the best for their customers. It includes business entertainment. Managers need to use the right strategy, so that the increase in revenue to guests. Many strategic choices, management can do one thing right furniture or decoration, such as wood or wicker furniture to fill it. Furniture in the long-term, buy a suitable, to tie in with the architectural style and design is necessary.

Green living for everyone’s lifestyle. Movement of the impact on the tourism industry. Many hotel furnitures guests are looking for, the application of green living in their hotel furnitures. Therefore, many hotels have hope that through it, they need to live in a hotel or guesthouse about one night. So, this is a hospitality businessman factors, if they are to meet their guests. Today, there are many choices of green furniture, indoor and outdoor furniture. Some types of wood or wicker furniture at home.

Many people often suspect wicker furniture may provide a number of advantages. This type of furniture is that it can be used as outdoor and indoor furniture. Provenance of the long-term, the wicker is divided into two, natural and synthetic. Their position to set its own characteristics. The sugarcane’s natural wicker, rattan, bamboo, beautiful appearance, its fibers, no matter what type of weave. This is appropriate rather than the outdoor to the indoor furniture stand up, because it can not be exposed at the time of the outdoor environment. Natural wicker can be used in the lobby, restaurant, or room decor.

Synthetic wicker furniture or commonly known as all weather wicker outdoor space can be used, in the past year, because it is by polyethylene-based man-made fibers. This substance caused debris will not fade under the sun or extreme weather. Synthetic wicker is applicable to the swimming pool, garden, porch furniture. In short, the ability to adjust in the beautification of the building, to enable customers to maintain a comfortable, let them come back, and then the next time the needs of the guests.

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