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February 2, 2017

To distinguish from the type of bamboo poly rattan furniture, good in the bad, and to understand the sources of poly rattan furniture!


Different bamboo can affect the quality of the poly rattan furnitureLet’s look:

As an experienced bamboo expert, I know for a fact that huge bamboo species throughout the world. Science, there are more than 1200 different types of plants, and the scientific name is Gramineae bombazine. Major recognition elements or used to distinguish the characteristics of all these varieties of its flowers. Another little known fact about the plant, which is a member of the grass family. Such an incredible number and variety of species of bamboo broadly divided according to their type, species and variety.

Some of the famous bamboo from around the world

Not all types of plants suitable for growing indoors. Notable examples include the very high bamboo, which is obviously too big and grow in your home. While most of the tall bamboo species can grow to 50 feet in length, measurement date, until one of the highest reached a staggering 137 feet! It is considered to be Dendrocalmus bamboo in North Bengal, India state. To this day, this enormous plant type to save the record, is the largest ever bamboo. It has a huge stalk diameter of 19 inches, support dizzying heights. In addition, the canopy measured a staggering 70 feet single stalk.

Bamboo flowering is rare change from a few years to 120 years. The history of the majority of the people of China and Japan, the records of the plants are found. In the world’s most beautiful grass, the height and diameter of the bamboo shoots in spring sprout and grow out of the ground in about 60 days.

Cane can last 10 years, usually stop growth after a period of 60 days, although they maintain an annual new leaves. Overall, the growth of plants completely takes about 4-15 years, although this is highly dependent on the type of environment, soil, sun, and water conditions.

The bamboo type more popular

The maximum can be broadly divided into two types of the profusion bamboo or bamboo and. The former is a slow grower, but it belongs to the latter category grow really fast. Famous Cluster Bamboo Hill Chinese Emperor black, white Longtan, candy canes. Examples include running bamboo, golden woods of Golden Grove Plaza and dwarves white stripes.

Simply select the type of bamboo, your favorite and growing IT room. They shot color and unusual leaf patterns will make them a welcome addition to your home poly rattan furniture.

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