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January 10, 2017

There are many metal furniture choice, not blind impulse shopping is the key!

If you are looking to buy metal garden metal furniture set, you need to be sure that you choose the products stand the test of time. Unfortunately, many of us do not know the metal manufacturing process and confusing terminology, such as zinc powder and electrophoresis.

This article explains all this means that it simply so that you will not need to have a degree in chemical engineering, came up with what to buy. We also look at other factors, so that the quality of the metal patio metal furniture products. After reading our three step buyers guide, you will know exactly what you need to look for is to be able to separate wheat from the chaff.

1. And protection of

Here, we will introduce the use of different types of protective finishing, so you know what to look for in furniture specifications.

Powder Coatings – Powder Coatings type complete than the traditional method of painting. Adhere by surface coating of the magnetic charge, so that the final product durable, scratch-resistant. You will find that most of the products will provide this protection. However, if you want to leave the metal patio in a variety of climates, powder coating alone will not provide adequate protection.

Galvanized – applying a protective zinc coating process in order to prevent rust. Zinc is the corrosion resistance. However, this protection can fail, formally scratched or damaged when the metal.

Electrophoresis – is a very reliable metal processing, mainly used in the automotive industry, but often use in the production of metal garden furniture. These components in the processing bath, the bath and then charged substantially strengthened metal, makes it more resistant to acids and salts thereof and other things. A powder coating on the surface, and then applying.

Hot zinc bath technology – the technology used for boat accessories, cable car and lamppost. The protection is very reliable, even in the paint coating is damaged, beneath the surface will remain rust protection with zinc electrolysis work. This treatment method can ensure many years, even in a humid environment.

2. Welded joints

If you can see the products up close, take a look at them in the welded joints should be smooth. Bear Remember, if it is hand-welded metal furniture, it may not be neat, each weld will be slightly different, and some people are better than others. The product should feel sturdy, and there should not be a common sport, if you are trying to get rid of it.

These days, many people buy online, so if you have a product in mind – a great way to test the knowledge of the company is to ask what kind of welding methods used in the production of the product. The most reliable, one of the most technologically advanced method is the use of robotic welding. The computer robot allows perfect weld the same, having the same length, thickness, and smoothness each time. If your metal patio furniture using this technique, which will be more robust, stronger than other brands.

3. Tables and chairs legs

The legs are very important! The first thing to consider is that you do not want them to damage or scratch your floor. To prevent such products polyurethane slipped into the leg base. Requiring retailers these insertion, its thickness and the material is very important, and some plastics will capture and break on the floor with you, others can leave traces of dirty black. It is strongly recommended, especially if you intend to put your metal garden furniture balcony or terrace.

Similarly, if your furniture is positioned in your lawn, the insert can prevent leg of excavated soil. Another worry, tables and chairs, consumers often do not take into account the level of furniture.? Most of the floors, especially the external level. Many people do not even consider it arrives and solid metal or wooden table, they are very disappointed when they realize that they will use a wedge under the leg was stuck. This will completely destroy the appearance. If you can, choose a product adjustable height mechanism.

To end our guide, you need to check completion, to ensure that your product will not rust, welding, damage potential and stability to ensure that the joints sturdy legs. We want to make the right choices in the next few years, and enjoy your metal patio metal furniture!

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