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April 30, 2016

The introduction of Shunde Lecong Furniture markets in China

    Lecong Furniture markets located in the Pearl River Delta, located in the northwest, Shunde, Foshan in the southern part of downtown, 30 kilometers away from Guangzhou from Hong Kong, Macau is only 100 kilometers, 325 State Road, Foshan, a ring through the whole territory, Dongping waterway and Shunde waterway Jiazhen and flow, strategic location, land and water transportation. Town of 78 square kilometers domain, under the jurisdiction of 4 communities, 19 village committees. Resident population of 23 million, of which household population of 10 million people, lived in Hong Kong and Macao and overseas compatriots around the world, 6 million people, is a famous hometown in Guangdong Province. 
      Lecong Furniture markets of the twentieth century originated in the early eighties. At that time, Lecong the people of the spring breeze of reform and opening membership to seize the urban and rural “furniture hot” market opportunity, learn from the successful development of domestic and international experience in the furniture industry in the State Road 325 within the south half of Lecong both sides began to build the furniture sale of the distribution center. Lecong the furniture city development so far, has formed a stretch of more than ten years, operating floor area of ​​200 million square meters, more than 3,000 dealers to accommodate families at home and abroad, showing all kinds of furniture more than 20,000 kinds of macro scale. Lecong the daily delivery of furniture and out of vehicles of more than 20,000 times, and daily visitors, shoppers more than 3 million people, sales of furniture market in the nation’s highest, is the country and the world’s largest furniture market Since then, the “furniture capital of the world,” world-famous home and abroad. 
      Lecong Furniture markets mainly Lecong the Redstar, Louvre Furniture Exhibition Center, Shunde dynasty furniture, furniture Seongbuk Sunlink the four main shopping malls, the majority of its retail customers to serve, but also concurrently wholesale; to groups billion, Dongheng, South China, the Orient, the East-ming as the representative of the other shopping malls, at the wholesale level, but also concurrently retail. 
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      The wholesale or retail-based, manufacturer settled the case because of the decision.
      To Lecong the Macalline, for example, the manufacturers settled in Lecong the Macalline are the strength of the larger manufacturers, the manufacturers of brand conscious, products system, can provide a full set from the living room to the bedroom accessory products If the retail buyer, the Lecong the one-stop shopping mall Macalline such, is the best choice. Louvre Furniture Expo Center, the dynasty furniture, furniture Sunlink Seongbuk the settled close to the size of manufacturers, consumers can go directly to these retail stores, to find your ideal furniture. Wholesale furniture stores, manufacturers are assigned to highly specialized manufacturers, these manufacturers are not necessarily the size of a small, but relatively narrow product line, and even some furniture factory does not provide only semi-finished furniture, furniture . For example, some stores only to professional buyers marble desk, desk shelf, you need to buy another business to purchase. Of course, it also has some a long line of manufacturers, if you are professional, you can be with very little money in the mall players with DIY, in their own homes through an addiction when the designer, of course, can also save money, but will buy some braved the risk of useless products.

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