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August 21, 2016

The guide to buy rattan and wicker furnitures

If you have a terrace or garden space, you are, so proud, rattan furniture, may be the best way to show off. Rattan furniture is a complex, polished and attractive to. What would like to enjoy a quiet glass of wine, relax on rattan sofa, in the vast blue sky!

Rattan is a vine. Dried, vine becomes soft, when it is heated. Therefore, heating vines bent and molded into the desired shape, the formation of furniture. As long as these vines cool, they become stiff and difficult. Therefore, the rattan furniture is environmentally friendly, durable and strong. Many people mistakenly think is a rattan furniture rattan furniture. Indeed, rattan furniture, wicker use of technology, but not all of rattan wicker furniture. Wicker furniture, bamboo grass can be made, among other things.

Traditionally, high-quality rattan furniture with teak general framework. This combination is a great warm and dry conditions. However, the vine is a natural substance, it is vulnerable to fungal attack, if it is left for a long time exposure to moisture. To prevent this, some manufacturers offer protective coatings in the furniture. Another method is to stay away from wet storage rattan furniture. Therefore, the choice of natural rattan furniture, it is an important consideration in the area of ​​water and level, the climate you are in.

These days, and finally to rattan furniture, synthetic rattan is used to form. These are called resin rattan, rattan or plastic polymer. These are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also cheaper than the natural variety. Of course, style and design elements play a role in determining the cost. Even so, synthetic rattan furniture, you can find every possible style and color, in a very affordable price.

Rattan furniture is a different species. You can single or equipment. Set more useful if you want to create different styles and coordinated look, although more expensive set of natural, individual work. You can also find pieces to complement the existing furniture, such as coffee table, foot stool or chair.

Institute of rattan furniture is dry and warm throughout the year is the idea. Under these conditions, natural rattan, last year more than 15 years. But if you want to invest a limited sum of money, and did not compromise the style looks, and synthetic rattan furniture is the best choice.

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