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March 15, 2017

The expensive advantages of rattan furniture in the wrong? Why rattan furniture is so expensive, you might need to buy rattan furniture specific recommendations

From several varieties of palm tree grows in tropical regions of Asia, Africa and Australia, rattan, used for various purposes, such as furniture manufacturing, handicraft, housing. As a fast-growing resources, rattan provide a viable and eco-friendly alternative to wood and other raw materials.

Rattan is durable, light weight and flexible, making it a versatile option furniture manufacturing. Not only that, this is a highly attractive and low-maintenance option furniture.

Rattan furniture

These are slender stems and vines like the palm of your hand, is easy to harvest. This palm range from a few millimeters to a few centimeters thick strands. The palm of the outer skin for the purpose of the nonwoven to the other processes within the core. This inner core is known as wicker, for all kinds of furniture, baskets, plant containers and other products.

Vine variety of different types and colors. Palm leaves, cut into segments, and then processed to make them suitable for weaving, etc.. These versatile palm, in order to achieve a variety of different appearance may be a color and color.

The advantage of rattan furniture

Rattan is a high degree of versatility, it can be used for indoor and outdoor furniture. This is a very popular choice, garden furniture, garden furniture and other outdoor venues, such as the Academy of Music, swimming pool edge.

Rattan is also able to withstand outdoor weather, so in many cases, it can be used as outdoor furniture years. It can use this furniture, office, bedroom, dining room, and so on.

poly rattan furniture, some types of weather and require little maintenance. For this type of vine, the cleaning and maintenance of all you may need is a mild soap and water.

Perhaps most important, this type of furniture, poly rattan furniture advantage of attractive appearance. Exclusive forward-looking and aesthetic appeal, this furniture interior designers, landscape artists, as well as the owners of the popular candidate.

Because of this material may be woven into a variety of shapes and designs, there is little need to use nails and screws are used in other types of furniture. Unlike other types of furniture, rattan is not deformed and deformity.

The disadvantage of rattan furniture

Rattan furniture usually requires cushions and other types of decor, comfortable furniture and available. However, this also requires you to be careful of furniture left in the rain and the sun.

Although durable and lasting, rattan furniture can eventually become dry and brittle. Paint or stain may fade and / or start the chip, if there is too much exposure to the sun, wind and rain.

Another possible disadvantage is that the rattan furniture can be quite expensive, because it is often the material is woven by artisans who hand. However, this can also be seen as an advantage, because you support local artisans and local enterprises.

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