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September 19, 2016

The bright future, the future is all the weather wicker furniture.

After another stunning sunny day here in Zebrano HQ we’re starting to get used to this tropical climate! Instead of the usual discussions informing the customer that all our time wicker garden furniture is long lasting in the rain we’ve had to reassure them that is also excellent in the sun. look at our UV resistant for details.

All the office has reached the sunglasses today and I’m sure I took a breath of Amber Solaire as I had my first cup of tea. Not only that but I went to see my child singing George at his school this afternoon before his teacher told us to make sure our children have sun hats and cream from now on! It’s March and everyone running in flip flops!

As you can imagine that certainly are not complaining that the morning sun certainly makes it a good deal. The only problem is that when the sun comes out everyone wants to be delivered yesterday! We are fortunate in this respect as part of our vast range of products is either in stock or arriving in the next couple of weeks.

This week I managed to deliver a couple of chairs to a customer Verona 300 miles away in time for the next afternoon. The client called me at 15:00 the next day and told him she was talking to lie down in their new chairs. I imagine she had had a gin and tonic general and that was definitely a little gigglier what had been the day before. Is there much to say I was high on our service? I think that even I have to admit that time, probably played an important role in their good humor. However, she was defiant, a very happy customer.

Actually we have seen a dramatic increase in sales of Sun rotates idle this week so I can not help thinking that not just our office to complete incorporation of the conditions barmy. This year is set to be our best year but in terms of the variety of products and overall demand for our products. We are delighted that the season has started very well and urge anyone considering a purchase to enter quickly to avoid disappointment. Hopefully the good weather is here to stay.

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