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March 6, 2017

The beautiful Beach chair like a girl! Buy one!

The Lumina Beach chairwith interactive projector concept by Sid baht purpose is to provide a modular beach habitat for beach-goers. Beach designed to re-create a new way to enjoy the time spent in innovative ways through technological progress, does not have a negative impact on the natural environment, the sea. Projection system allows users to create three-dimensional virtual predict a variety of beach activities, such as soccer, beach volleyball, yoga and dance, in an interactive manner. The design looks simple as possible to keep Lumina beach chairs, interactive projector, to ensure not invasive presence in the crowded beaches.
The Lumina Beach chair with the projected area of the interactive projector having speaker embedded into it, it allows to be displayed together with the activity on the screen or as a background themes, and the score of the music to be played. Although the design created to be used as a stand-alone projector, and a variety of other close projector can be connected together to create a larger protrusions.
Lumina beach chair with interactive projector, projector with enough lumens can be used during the day, even in a very bright place. The projections can be used on any surface, including on the beach, sand surface due of a unique halographic laser technology. The Lumina Beach chair with Interactive Projector is also equipped with an infrared optical sensor, allowing the user to interact with the virtual forecast.
The new programs, video and audio can also be uploaded to its interface via Bluetooth technology. Using Bluetooth technology, the projector library update does not remove the memory card. Lumina the beach chairs multifunctional interactive projector can also be used as a storage option and the latter part of the chair has a storage room can accommodate smaller items, such as wallets, watches, towels, etc.
Can easily optimize the sustainability of its overall design and power chairs inside through the access port to plug it into a power outlet to charge the battery. The lightweight design makes it easily back in a beach chair on the shoulders. Since the user can connect the projector to the phone via Bluetooth, play media files does not require a separate media console.

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