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July 25, 2017

teak outdoor patio furniture is durable furniture, the typical luxury outdoor furniture select


We have conducted a few months of the new production line tables and chairs recycled plastic outdoor patio furniture. We have many different colors and styles, charging faster than all other PLASTIQUE.

teak outdoor patio furniture do you like? I love it. I think we have been trained as a choice of a typical luxury outdoor furniture of teak furniture industry. However, its popularity comes at a price: more than the destruction of tropical rainforests around the tropical land (the original species).

Our artificial teak the (aka PLASTIQUE) design looks like teak outdoor patio furniture, but it is made from recycled plastic bags. How cool is it? Win-win. Customers not only to help save the rainforest, they wasted waste stream, and keep our landfills.

But we know that, long ago, we must first get the rights of style, quality and price, can only be to the customers the environmental benefits of our furniture. The quality of our outdoor furniture and indoor furniture – about, you will find anywhere.

Style, we began with the appearance of this modern, this seems to be very popular. Do you like it? The only modern outdoor line in PLASTIQUE, but I think imitation teak in all of our outdoor furniture styles soon be able to provide.

Now the price. It is high, there is no way to solve this problem. This is a real teak furniture. PLASTIQUE is what you will never have to replace. We are certain, we give it a lifetime guarantee, and I have never seen anyone, outdoor furniture, you have not?

If you are interested in teak furniture, give Rebecca a call and she will send you a free sample of PlasTeak. You will be surprised. I’ve never seen an artificial wood. It really looks and feels like teak.

But unlike the real the teak, PlasTeak not rot, chip, or reduce the sun, sand, wind, salt spray – or any other I know. It’s easy to clean (only use the washing machine hose or power), like plastic bags, it comes from, it will take about a million years to degrade. This may be provided for most people is a sufficient length of time.

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