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July 7, 2016

Teak and stainless steel Outdoor Furniture: All Weather Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is more expensive, usually require less maintenance than other styles of outdoor furniture. Wooden furniture gives the appearance of integration with nature, is very durable. It is at the same time as decorative pieces for the popular choice for outdoor furniture.

Choose wooden furniture for outdoor use, you must consider the climate and type of wood used. Cheap wood in extreme weather conditions damaged, will cause it to rupture or deformation. More sophisticated type is most suitable for outdoor use. Different types of wood require different care and cleaning methods. If you are planning to buy this type of furniture, make sure that with some sealant to prevent damage to the process, you select the type of wood. Hardwood is often used for its durability and ability to withstand most weather conditions, climate and outdoor furniture.

Certain types of hardwood furniture manufacturing:

Ø Brazilian cherry is a wear-resistant, very strong wood, and can withstand years of weather.

Ø cedar is insect-resistant for outdoor furniture, and can last up to 25 years, rain or shine, even as it’s one of the most popular wood species.

Ø Cypress wood is a light, many people choose outdoor furniture because it does not age or crack over time. It also has a paint and varnish as well.

Ø mahogany, makes finding a gorgeous expensive one, will not be deformed over time.

Ø teak wood is porous, not treated, it can withstand any weather, and continued for 75 years or more.

With proper care and treatment, wood can withstand rain, hail, snow and sun. Simple dust, with a mild detergent and damp cloth to keep your furniture clean. Do not wash or use chlorine bleach or any abrasive cleaners, unless instructed. Occasionally a splash of solution application is also necessary, wooden furniture, especially during the rainy season in good condition. You can also purchase an oil-based wood stain solution, you can apply in the summer. It is also important to regularly check the hinges and screws. Now most manufacturers have adopted anti-rust aluminum crew. Remember, spray WD – 40 of metal parts at least twice a year to keep it lubricated. In the winter cover your wooden furniture with vinyl cover, if you can not give them room.

Wood is a perfect choice of outdoor furniture is to be used outdoors. And last the next few years to protect the best and most reliable way is to choose a suitable for your needs and specifications of the timber. Now, you will have many choices, such as wood and metal combination, cast iron or steel. These are low maintenance cost, usually the frame of the UV treatment, wood laminates. Furniture, garden and pool area a popular choice. Whether you choose to consume more when you buy for your family of high-quality outdoor furniture. High-quality wood outdoor furniture a good choice would be worth the extra money.

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