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April 26, 2017

Teach you how to distinguish between natural rattan furniture and synthetic named rattan furniture! This will help you buy furniture!


Do you want your synthetic rattan furniture is sometimes a bit more flexibility and durability of it? Perhaps you are looking for something, and so far it looks normal garden or courtyard. Or maybe you want to redecorate your home east mode. Whatever the reason, the rattan furniture can be a great addition to the house.

The straw is a popular furniture material. The reason is easy to weave and different shapes of the style. This is a very flexible material. It can be used to create wicker, like ordinary wood furniture or stain and paint. Easy, requires a lot of cutting and polishing with Burton and other lines rounded with a cane.

Fine rattan furniture is durable. It usually comes down to the terrace, where they can provide a relaxed atmosphere, not in direct contact with the elements. Synthetic rattan is very strong and will stand in the sun and rain. Some physicists, such as straw, because this nature. This can not come to this article, which is in many colors and shades. Beautiful white wicker outdoor furniture synthesis summer fun. Black vine is more pessimistic, but it seems to be mainly in order to take a red-hot, golden, orange Indian fabrics. Natural rattan, with green accents or floral patterns, so that its internal.

You can protect all types of chairs, straw and daily cleaning. Clean soaked hay, and prepare a small foam tableware detergent water. From the small air bubbles, wipe with clean straw. It provides a high-speed brushless cleaning fluid routine. Wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth. You can repeat the required cleaning, every two to four, in order to maintain the furniture.

Boiled linseed oil, lemon oil miracle-wetting agent. It can gently rub the straw to prevent cracking and split. The straw is a natural resistance to this loss, but the the rough floor dry weather may cause problems. Maintain the the furniture rattan qualify for the maximum degree of protection.

Split rattan furniture, a few steps away from the easy, looks like new in just one day. When I first saw part of it, to apply to somesynthetic rattan furniture. Tight and then bound with tape pieces remain in place until the glue dries completely. This technique can also be used to correct the loose hay rolls.

Rattan furniture start looking dusty, use a soft cloth to remove loose. You can use a clean cloth, dust in general. For stubborn stains, use a soft toothbrush or small brush in the gap in the furniture hardware.

Natural wicker furniture always protect you, or allow them to cover the waterproof vinyl, if you want to keep it. Synthetic rattan is easier weatherability. Nursing skills, you can ensure that the furniture rattan – you will enjoy for many years – natural or artificial.

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