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October 28, 2016

Take care of rattan garden furnitures

A few years later, you will inevitably need to re-draw or polish your wicker furniture. Your valuable antiques before starting work, make sure you practice a cheap garden furniture.

The following simple guidelines to get the perfect ending to redraw the project:

1.Prepping your furniture

Before you begin to re-paint your outdoor furniture, you need to make sure you get rid of all the flat-head screwdriver blade or paint scraper to help paint peeling. Make sure you do not destroy the stocks or woven wicker furniture.

A pipe paint flakes by spraying high-pressure car wash. Remember to control this pressure, it does not weaken the glue joints and damage to rattan reed.

2, Getting Started

Your furniture is completely dried, use a natural bristle brush, apply to the two oil-water wood primer coat to avoid absorption of the final coat of paint. This stage is particularly important case, you choose to change the shadow of your furniture.

The primer is dry, apply light coat of oil paint.

3.Picking the correct type of paint

We strongly recommend that you pick the type of paint to wicker easy to hold, is still flexible, and powerful. Oil-based outdoor house paint is the best option. Many people choose to use latex paint furniture, but it is often easy to peel off.

4.Additional measures

Remember to wear all your safety equipment and work in well-ventilated space. If you intend to use spray paint, you work outdoors, ensure that the wind you are in favor.

Make sure to apply paint is completely dry before the next coat, or it may give you a shoddy finish, you like a cheap garden furniture, antique furniture appearance.

Now, your furniture is as good as new, you can be free to start the event and enjoy a barbecue for your friends and family!

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