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April 27, 2017

synthetic furniture-the world’s oldest furniture that rattan is, how old furniture changes to the state-of-the-art furniture?


Hollow bamboo, wood rattan vine is a growth in Indonesia’s tropical rainforests. This country is only 70% of the vine in demand around the world. Is to provide the rest of the vine is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Mostly from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara Islands tropical forest vine.

Technically, rattan has some advantages compared to wood. It is light in weight, strong, flexible, easier to make regular and irregular shapes, of course, lower cost. Due to these comparative advantages rattan has been widely used in material production synthetic rattan furniture, such as tables, chairs and bookshelves. In addition, the vine growth faster than any tropical tree species revenue easier harvesting works. Overall, indoor furniture, rattan is a bullish economy, such as indoor wooden furniture.

Most vines grow to hundreds of feet long, it is one of the strongest natural materials. It does not split will not break, so it is ideal for making furniture. When you need to bend the shape of the vine you 11 steaming process is molded, solid rattan retains its contours permanently. The name used to wrap joints rattan rod and tradition of the skin is peeling. Moreover, due to the flexibility of this feature, you can different types of families from the vine accents and home decor items.

The disadvantage of naturalsynthetic rattan furniture

Natural rattan furniture can not withstand harsh ultraviolet sunlight a long period of time, the as color puede impact. Water hyacinth, for example, because it is a natural untreated handmade product, it will absorb moisture and dry climatic conditions directly related to. In order to avoid any deterioration of natural rattan furniture is only suitable for use in a dry, well-ventilated environment.
In short, can help protect the surface treatment, but basically a natural rattan furniture will not survive in the outdoor environment.

Another problem is that – any natural materials – rattan should receive proper treatment in order to improve its anti-termite attack. Similarly, in rattan furniture weather conditions that may affect its durability.

An outdoor demand solutions

Specifically, if you need to use in the outdoor environment rattan and wicker furniture, the solution is made of polyethylene fibers, synthetic rattan furniture rattan outdoor furniture. The use of this polyethylene-based fiber furniture combines the elegant and classic wicker crafts and affordability of synthetic fibers, resulting in lasting weather wicker furniture.

Wicker, although a classic, the works reflect the feeling of casual elegance, furniture buyers want a home. Synthetic rattan furniture not only provides comfort, versatility and livability, but it provides an excellent endurance, also features an outdoor furniture is always needed.

Synthetic rattan furniture mixed with upholstered pieces, texture and natural home environment, terrace, solarium and a poolside too. Whether you run a furniture business, a family-run furniture store, or own outdoor restaurant and cafe, synthetic rattan furniture is worth considering.

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