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January 11, 2017

suppliers of metal furniture many fake suppliers do not be deceived! Shop carefully!


In this article, I have compiled, hope to provide useful information for you, if you are in the market to buy new metal furnitue, but also provides some useful tips in the care and maintenance of your outdoor furniture, swimming pool, barbecue area, or just an entertainment area in your garden or balcony. I will build a covering material (plastic, wood, metal, etc.), and environmental information. So, prior to reading, hope will answer all your questions. In addition to its comfortable sitting on plastic outdoor <metal furniture. The best thing on the glue, it’s cheap, easy to maintain, you can stack the chairs and storage furniture is very easy, if you do not use this setting.

The most plastic outdoor environment these days UV protection, so they last longer, as well.

Can also be very stylish, very modern-looking aluminum alloy and tempered glass set. Aluminum also anti-UV coating to prevent peeling and rust. If you can, try and get reinforced aluminum hollow – this can not curved shape to the legs of chairs and tables. You can check this chair upside down, and then suddenly appeared a rubber stopper legs – 2 aluminum legs, you can then run, if not – looking for something else.

Consider outdoor furniture, it is best to consider how much time you are willing to maintain the set. The timber needs maintenance and refueling set is dead easy, it can be a pain in the ass. Plastic and aluminum are the easiest to maintain, because all you need is some glass cleaner and a hose and you’re done!

Plantation timber is your concern, this is true – but especially solid wood furniture replantation harvesting and manufacturers these days are more conscious of the cut and the use of wood, in order to avoid wasting anything .. wrought iron outdoor metal furniture – a traditional outdoor metal furniture, as handed down from generation to generation, therefore, the most reliable part of for many years. Always looking for the best solid wrought iron stock to ensure the the strongest outdoor metal furniture heaviest tubular steel. Some craftsmen still use iron anvil hammer build the complex details of the multi-frame manufacturers.

Each frame is purified and immersed in a bath, zinc phosphate (rust inhibitors) in the finishing process.

Electrostatic coating iron framework, the establishment of a permanent blockade dense rust.

Wrought iron outdoor metal furniture, provides the highest quality powder paint coating, to provide the most durable in the industry.

Easy-to-maintain solution of warm, soapy water. In order to maintain a textured surface gloss, protection, car wax fine. Other outdoor metal furniture aluminum through its award-winning design, rich fabrics and colors, as well as manufacturing excellence highest standards, this is different. Structural materials for high-end metal aluminum outdoor furniture, surpassing the industry’s most stringent standards. All frames are equipped with a well-designed and construction unparalleled durability. Some people seem to prefer the arts, not just furniture design goal is the same.

Only the highest grade aluminum ingots, which is the purest, most resilient alloys.

Each frame through a five-step pre-treatment process in order to ensure an excellent paint adhesion.

The high quality of polyester powder coating process, to ensure complete coverage.

Classic finishes, hand clear, low gloss powder coating seal coating.

The best finishing work provides a soft cushion, a classic suspenders and 100% pure vinyl tape.

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