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January 20, 2017

Sun lounger on the history, a new generation of sun lounger is what you will have a different sun lounger bring more joy to your family

Nothing more than your own metal sun loungers to relax. The ancients have been doing for thousands of years, the Egyptians like their sun garden the Romans even have a name sunbathing – apricatio, only men were allowed to participate in. Today, the sun has become a bit artificial Pais, but if you are wise and use your SPF 50, you can enjoy the benefits provided by all of the metal on the sun loungers Here’s a brief look how and why our sun lounging on tanning attitude has changed over the years .
Sun Chong
We will begin with the ancients worship and the worship of the sun, or even that it is self-healing ability. The benefits of the sun and the air is in the main part of the theory of Hippocrates in the 5th century BC. Herodotus believe that the sun has the ability to strengthen the muscles and nerves, and Philo Stella Tucci write, the Olympian athletes need to take sun bath, as part of their training.
Stroll around
The evidence of the first day beds “can also be seen as early as 3000 BC in ancient culture, day bed is basically a combination of a chair and a bed, evolved into today’s Sun loungers or metal loungers. Greek gods and Roman rulers depicted relax on their sun loungers, as civil servants flocked brought them wine, or even eat in an inclined position. Chinese people do not see the difference between sleeping on furniture, sitting bed rest for the day, they were called “Hamaca, Native Americans.
Darker Times
In the Middle East and the darkness of the Middle Ages, Christianity became the dominant religion in Europe, what pagan society refused. Metal sun loungers bathed in sunlight will be regarded as pagan sun god worship, sun bathing ancient practice to eradicate and head-to-toe clothes become the norm.
French the loungers (long-term chair) is designed in the 16th century, the unique four legs and a reclining backrest. In the Victorian era, day beds also known as the “fainting sofa.” Is the modern metal sun loungers, this is a lounge furniture pieces designed for the ladies. Victorian women wore corsets, tend to have difficulty breathing, and to fainting sofa allow them a chance to recuperate.
At this point, the sun or avoid the plague. Fashion is the subtle pale, almost translucent skin. Poor tanning, due to labor factors of life. Their better hiding umbrellas and large cap, go to the extreme length of the white skin, the use of dangerous cosmetics, and even bleach. Like torture has been more than happy to spend time in the sun-filled metal sun loungers.
Change in progress
Promotion of sun bathing modern version by Arnold Rikli that the originator of this practice in the late 19th century. Medical institutions in Austria, he attracted patients from around the world, where he prescribed sun bath treatment of various diseases. Rikli’s not alone; Danish physician Niels Ryburg Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his use of artificial sunlight skin to treat tuberculosis. In the early 20th century, the ancient Greek healing capacity solar observation scientifically proven by the physicist Arthur Eddington. He confirmed that the use of calcium in the case of the sun, all cells need calcium to function in animals can not, because we know it helps build strong bones, teeth and muscle. Equally important is that the heart function, nerve signal transduction, blood coagulation. Then ‘treatment chairs, a metal sun loungers prescription to treat tuberculosis, a breath of fresh air, will help alleviate tilt position.
A new bronze age
Why, then, the sun tanning become popular? The credit provided by Lenovo Coco Chanel, she accidentally been tanning on a yacht, and began an overnight craze. We have witnessed the movement of German dominance, health and fitness, and they worshiped the sun, and strive to emulate. The British love with a beautiful olive complexion, our European counterparts.
Tanned skin slowly become a fashion, health and luxury. Metal on the sun loungers or deck chairs are luxurious, charming. In fact, in the 1930s, metal sun loungers came to be regarded as the glamor of Hollywood star Greta Garbo, draped in their photo shoot.
In 1971, Mattel introduced Malibu Barbie, dark skin and her own bottle of sunscreen. Then, in 1978, the first tanning beds the metal the sun loungers suddenly appear everywhere in the garden, so we can enjoy our downtime this ancient practice.
We seem to have come full circle, and would like to spend our weekends reclining sun loungers in the metal, to catch some rays, like the ancient Greeks. The sun may have health benefits, such as improving the efficiency of the brain and reduce the symptoms of stress or depression, but it is also dangerous. Security and high-factor sun cream to protect themselves from the harmful ultraviolet rays.
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