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June 24, 2017

sun lounger is how the birth of the ancient sun lounger to relax?


I usually know where I am going – or think I do. I read the guide and the internet, booking hotels, travel arrangements and schedule, and to consider what I need to pack. The weather is sometimes unpredictable, shorts and a waterproof everywhere with me. (Ah, I will not take shorts Antarctica, or the Atacama Desert waterproof, but other than that …)

However, one of the fun of travel is the destination of endless ability to surprise, no matter what, I have studied. Therefore, this last wekend, when I went to a trip to Germany’s northernmost state, Schleswig – Holstein (Schleswig-Holstein). The purpose of my journey is interviewed by the archaeologist Dr. Andres Dobat and visit the dig site, he’s an incredible discovery, the pirate stronghold in the eighth century.

The project is located in the the Beiguan Baltic coast facilities Levin Fjord, a caverous entrance. In the southern coast of the fjord in sun lounger excellent Wikinger Museum Haithabu – Museum celebrate former Hedeby identity, as the most important trade hub in the Viking Age. Found in the new revival of the north, near Dr. Dobat (in Denmark Aarhus University), military and political basis of the authority, control and protection of Hedeby. Schleswig, triangulation, and I stayed there for two pirate strongholds: the opposite Hedeby revival in the same north shore.

Now, I do not know how you think, but the “pirates” and “fjord” and the combination of the words “Baltic Dry I think – brrr! Shorts stay in my suitcase – of course – but I just throw in swimsuit at the last minute, and then only because I think this is Germany, is likely to be in town a glorious Olympic-size swimming pool I put my hiking shoes, a windproof jacket.

, Spent almost all weekend flip-flops and swimsuit.

Schleswig, you see, the most unlikely, there is a beach. A golden beach with light and dark skin lifesaving crew. And a beach bar. The ginormous fluorescent cocktails.

So, yes, one day, I visited the dig sites and museums, seriously interviewed, photographed and research. But every evening at 5, I went to the beach to swim, sunbathe, and to write the day of the sun lounger. Did I mention that I love to travel surprise?

PS If you look at the photos, Hedeby’s just Gean visible, with black shorts standing on his hands on his hips chapter. I want to see some amazing Vikings in Schleswig website, but I did not expect to see them from the comfortable sun loungers.

The Geographic PPS slightly more serious about, Andres Dobat found in the revival of articles of significance, will be forthcoming.

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