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June 23, 2016

Sourcing aluminum wicker chairs, dining chairs, bar chairs, leisure chairs

There is a chair back, and some have seats with armrests.

     Chair of the Classification

Material Category: wood chair, wooden chair steel, plate chairs, glass chairs, iron chairs, plastic chairs, fabric chairs, leather chairs arts, leather chairs, foam chairs

By using the categories:aluminum wicker chairs, dining chairs, bar chairs, leisure chairs, chairs, special chairs, etc.

By Industry: hotel chairs, bar chairs, restaurant chairs, cafe chairs, office chairs, etc.

Classified according to physical properties: insulation chair, anti-static chairs, chairs and other conductive

Classification by structure: a fixed wooden chairs, steel chairs fixed legs with claw wheelchair lift five-star, with a fixed lifting claw feet and other five-star

Chair purchase

Chair has a strong practical, will appear in each room, its main function is to facilitate people to rest, so it is a measure of comfort in a chair the main criteria for good or bad.

Most people choose double chair, most comfortable choice of strong, such chairs used in the bedroom, lying may be lying, can also be wrapped in clothing, can be a multi-purpose, can be placed in the living room, use different colors to create a casual mood. Choose double chairs, two factors: function and material. Double chair in function to meet the needs of two or three, depending on the number of family members living room may be. Common material is cloth and leather. Fabric easy to clean and exchange, exchange surface can change with the seasons; noble leather chairs can be significant, but less suitable for the summer.

Single chair the use of space than the area of more than chairs, sofas and more variability. Single chair back because of the shape of the different circles in the use of space also have different functional purposes, if used properly can reflect the owner’s personality, shall not be treated will be self-defeating; high-back style single chair, for home use, can pass a casual, relaxed home atmosphere; streamlined shape, color contrast, a strong visual aesthetic of the chair is very suitable for single people or studios; a strong personal style lounge chair, recliner, rocking chair, suitable for placement in space corner or balcony, as the mood of the transfer stations.

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