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May 12, 2016

Restaurant Furniture Wholesale From China

We have a business called “Restaurant Furniture Wholesale From China” began four years ago. What are some innovative ways, free or low cost to market / promote ourselves. We deal with everything that has to do with restaurants. We install / uninstall restaurant equipment, to construct, install / uninstall walk-ins (coolers and freezers), personalization, we deal with stainless steel furniture, restaurant, wholesale, we retired and put in restaurants. “Anything Restaurant” It’s always slow from November to February or even kill us financially. Unfortunately I have no marketing other than reputation and word of mouth comes from a restaurant company wholesale 18. Please help with any idea, Thanks.
  I heard a marketing tutorial in which a man spoke of quality cleaning a middle man in the restaurant equipment, I wish I could remember who.
  For local businesses, be sure to apply for free on Google’s local directory, it shows you a map alongside search results. 
  It is possible that the test mailing lists some brokers sold a small sample for such purposes. An example I found charges 10 cents each for a time post. Perhaps it is best friend to the contractors?

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