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April 25, 2016

Raw materials for outdoor rattan furniture

     Woven rattan furniture for outdoor family members are mainly bamboo and rattan, white rattan and red vines. Agate is named bamboo cane, known as the “vine of the King.” This is the most expensive of the finest vine, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. It is not only the surface appearance, but also has a high degree of water resistance, and its dense structure, very flexible, durable, so durable. Another is Chek rattan cane yield, the price is low, generally used for making rattan shelves, rattan accessories rattan, etc. lower level.
       White rattan, woven rattan furniture and accessories in addition to the preparation, there are two by-products can also be useful in the rattan products. One is stripped off from the vine of the rattan peel rod can be used to weave reed products, but also as a metal frame of the decorative surface and cane. Another by-product is a central part of the next vine, known as rattan heart. As long as it cut a small diameter, can be woven wicker, with a decorative and support purposes. Also useful for the preparation of outdoor rattan furniture and other furniture center.

       In southern China, people used to make use of imitation rattan  furniture, cabinet, a few, cases, screens, racks, chairs, tables and beds. Now with the gradual increase awareness of environmental protection and the growing popularity of the trend back to nature, all kinds of rattan, green technology outdoor rattan furniture began to every family, a new round of home decoration fashion.

      PE rattan is strong and lightweight tough kinds of dense, natural materials, with a crowd not afraid, not afraid of pressure, pliable and flexible features. Now people love the rattan furniture, most of them into the modern technology and means of artistic creation. Over the past rattan, giving the impression of a rough surface and are often susceptible to insect and difficult to go far. Woven rattan furniture now already in the production process to overcome these shortcomings, the material was fine after processing, but also disinfected with ultraviolet radiation, high temperature steam, with the machine to pull into a certain length of rattan raw materials and fine specifications, so that rattan made from the surface of delicate, smooth, and has anti-virus, moth and health characteristics. Rattan furniture into the traditional concept of modern design, well-trained workers by the designers and craftsmen according to the design of hand woven into a decorative feature of the financial sections in one of the woven rattan furniture, or small ornaments in the shape of also from the traditional framework of jumped out, a change in the past simple, clumsy. Many have woven rattan furniture design smooth lines and soft, comfortable and luxurious style, quite bold and elegant style, without losing the simplicity of the outdoor rattan furniture, natural, fresh and refreshing and full of modern features and stylish and full of features modern and stylish charm.

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