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March 27, 2016

Rattan wicker furniture production process

1. wicker furniture Is expected to open shop, in accordance with the product drawings, the required material with a material, then the internal structure of the products combine to form a product of basic institutions, board selection of a fir, MDF, three in the board.
   2. wicker furniture after the internal structure of products, woven products immediately sent to the Ministry of materials required by the guests woven products. All woven in the weaving of natural materials before processing through the mold, and air dry after soaking syrup mold.
   3. wicker furniture weaving finished product will be a polished program, cutting natural materials, such as feather on the seagrass, rattan pieces, the cane will be grinding sand paper products, thereby relatively smooth, and then have to use a torch surface, young folks can not burn artificial repair.
   4. wicker furniture to the paint room, the fuel injection, spray paint dust on the surface before treatment products, all products are painted by three, the first is to do color, the second is the base oil, the last is the surface oil. NC paint is used, open processing, 3-light, so the paint to maximize the penetration, the product is full.
   5. wicker furniture pull into oven room, a modest drying. All products are not baked to 100% dry, will remain about 10% moisture content, to prevent the burst.
   6. The chairs, sofas and other needed cushion, back and other sets of good cloth cover, according to the chair or sofa, the need for customers to install the product (ie, disassembly of furniture), all the test equipment.
   7. In the packaging of the product before the second test.
   8. Packing, all packing are export packaging and paper, protectors, bags, cardboard boxes, for different products, or special products, packaging will be slightly different.
   9. Shipment, all products sent by hand delivery to the shipping department, the logistics delivery.

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