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May 5, 2016

Rattan Patio Furnitures maintenance

To keep Rattan Patio Furnitures clean,here are some tips:  1. used for a period of time, wipe with a light brine rattan, both flexible and durable decontamination can make it, there are certain anti crisp, anti-moth-eaten, and this maintenance of outdoor furniture plays a very important effect .
2. color Rattan Patio Furnitures refurbished leisure approach: first, dry cleaning and then sanding aloof arbor, so that smooth skin decontamination and restoration, and then glazing protection
3. Do not use and store Rattan Patio Furnitures  close to the fire and heat, not on the sun for a long time exposure, or easily fade, dry, deformation, bending, cracking, loose and out of touch.
4. Rattan Patio Furnitures surface from the place where possession of more ash, cleaning, vacuum cleaner can be used again to puff or brush with a soft brushed dust from the inside out first, and then wipe again with a wet cloth, and finally wiped with a soft cloth to .

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