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April 21, 2016

Rattan patio furniture to create three spaces

 Rattan patio furniture“experience the flavor quality of life, a taste of pure sensuality, Rattan patio furniture is the original eco-family. rattan furniture design of these ancient materials from natural, after the change of modern style, adding a stylish atmosphere, the to have a more The vitality of clear exaggeration. more compact, more sophisticated technology, more stylish shape. ”
       Modeling perspective, the current performance of both Western European and American style Rattan patio furniture, another interpretation of oriental exoticism of Chinese furniture, distinctive features, great texture. It was original in the slightly elegant, refined in the significant drop in the natural, fully meet the modern fashion and taste.
       Rattan is mix of small ornaments. Rattan lamp unique style, soft lighting, warm and elegant. The natural texture and rattan table crystal clear, refined cosmetics, shiny, glass silhouetted against each other.
       In addition to handmade Rattan patio furniture, fine art, novel and beautiful, the most important is to examine the material is fine rattan furniture. Rattan patio furniture, rattan surfaces, such as wrinkles, indicating that the rattan furniture, rattan is processed from the young, poor toughness and low strength, easily broken, and corrosion.
       Rattan patio furniture, timber stress, in addition to the vines with the outside of Yunnan, a lot of Rattan from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, these vines, hard texture, the same thickness end to end.

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