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May 4, 2016

Rattan outdoor furniture to withstand the test of the surrounding environment

Outdoor furniture now increasingly integrated into our daily lives. Two days of rest days per week, and some other holidays and festivals, so that more people have the opportunity to get close to nature, rattan outdoor furniture become good partners. new residential rooftop sky garden, courtyard and spacious first floor balcony, Also provides more outdoor furniture arena. How to choose the right rattan outdoor furniture to spend leisure time relaxing it? In the purchase may note the following:
1, are willing to buy outdoor metal furniture, rattan imitation of those who should choose the side and paint and waterproof aluminum or alloy handle, so the material can best withstand the wind and rain outside.
2, a relaxing rattan outdoor furniture  but pay attention to the conservation of this kind of furniture, wipe clean the rain in time.
3, the appropriate choice of materials:rattan outdoor furniture are more vulnerable to wind, sun, rain and other climatic tests. Therefore, the choice of material, different from the rattan outdoor furniture. Furniture, and you have to do a certain deformation and fading mental preparations.
4, like rattan outdoor furniture are advised to use higher levels of oil production of imitation wood rattan outdoor furniture , such as teak. This wooden furniture factory for maximum quality by preventing expansion or loose and brittle.
Currently on the market can see a variety of outdoor furniture, such as field trips to use for folding tables and chairs, a hammock can be hung on a tree can be placed in the courtyard of the rattan desk chair, wooden swing hanging chairs and tables and chairs. In addition, there is a simulation of plastic rattan outdoor furniture is not only much cheaper price than rattan, cane also obviates the need for maintenance trouble.

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