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April 10, 2016

Rattan outdoor furniture products classification and characteristics

         Our outdoor furniture is rattan furniture, furniture is an important complement ivy are green furniture with environmental performance. The main types of rattan furniture are Chair and Stool, sofa, coffee table type and a few decorative frame class, there are other classes, but the relative production of a small number. For the family living room, tea room, coffee shop and hotel furniture, the majority of these places. rattan furniture products are the major cell type in the majority, furniture full of visual tension, sitting suitable for soft and hard, smooth and rough furniture financing for one, feel warm, color to color, white, cherry red and brown as much, or elegant, as simple, or deep, creating a deep sense of romance; rattan class also has a certain amount of furniture to their unique and melodious free and easy, the perfect combination of utility and function, reflects the “people-oriented” personality traits. In the style of furniture, rattan furniture, modern concise case-based, absorption of classical solid wood furniture (foreign and domestic) of the charm of traditional rattan furniture for its style, luxury and elegant characteristics showed great competitiveness, higher price. Structure in the furniture, rattan furniture is not removable majority, the individual is a telescopic folding imitation rattan furniture. Rattan and wood, bamboo frame, glass, steel and other materials, a combination of furniture gives a refreshing feeling, with a fresh appeal, the market prospect.
      But in the modern home has always been, the outdoor rattan furniture is always a “alternative”: the special nature of the cane itself, is too difficult to make complex shapes, even sexually explicit, and most bear the “supporting” role, just as other furniture added. However, rattan furniture, comfortable, light and so on, often been included in the scope of imitation rattan leisure furniture. In recent years, with the furniture production process improvement and market changes in consumption concept, outdoor rattan furniture began in another gesture showing a unique charm, as many tastes the best choice.
      For outdoor rattan furniture outdoor plastic because of corrosion resistant, UV resistant, light characteristics are not afraid of storms, which filled the plant rattan furniture for outdoor use can not be this gap, because of practical and beautiful, color variety, durability, and its market space is growing. In short, the simulation of the emergence of rattan, outdoor rattan furniture make the show gradually diversified and personalized features. Set off a new wave in the furniture industry.

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