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April 27, 2016

What are Rattan Furnitures?

     Rattan furniture, by definition is used to leisure furniture, furniture in a species, distinct from bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining furniture, to a certain stage of economic development after the inevitable outcome.
The use of casual furniture at this stage is mainly hotels, restaurants, resorts, restaurants, cafes, tourist attractions, real estate, villas and other luxury leisure facilities.
     China Rattan furniture, along with the development of society as a whole is closely linked to economic development, food and clothing and the most basic of West China Rattan furniture living family can not solve the case, how do think of leisure. Into the first decade of the twenty-first century, as China’s economy strong, casual furniture, has also been actively developed. Started as a casual furniture manufacturers only a small branch of the world’s factory, the production of the products are mainly export-oriented, with virtually no domestic sales, Xin Ning Jugong Division also as one of the manufacturers, under the influence of the climate gradually been part of the Domestic sales.
China Rattan furniture based on material classification, solid wood outdoor furniture, aluminum outdoor furniture, leisure furniture, rattan West, cast iron outdoor furniture, cast aluminum outdoor furniture, plastic outdoor furniture, etc.; casual furniture under the functional classification, there are swimming pools leisure furniture, garden leisure furniture Club leisure furniture, bar lounge furniture, leisure furniture, coffee shops, villas and leisure furniture

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