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March 30, 2016

Rattan furniture,beauty,nice and close to nature

Rattan furniture,  currently on the market is basically divided into the following categories: rattan furniture, outdoor furniture, such as garden furniture, rattan furnishings side of the small veranda round table, chairs, chair, etc., there are full of rattan furniture , casual atmosphere of the shake Pendulum sofa armchairs, a lot of fun; 
      Rattan furniture living room furniture is the most perfect, the most style, a living room with SFAS core woven furniture, delicate, smooth, shape and color seek simple, filling process the United States; dining room furniture is very particular about the structure and color matching, fully embodies the art of elegant luxury features. 
      Rattan furniture five and Qi Jiantao crude rattan chairs, tables clean, rich flavor of the times. In addition, the rattan is also a mix of small ornaments. Rattan lamp unique style, soft lighting, warm and elegant. Rattan chandelier simple yet monotonous, and the pursuit of natural style of modern decor harmonization. 
       Modern home in a few pieces of rattan furniture, occasional furnishings, elegant and with traditional features, revealing a bit naive in the fashion, reflecting the owner’s style and taste. In color, the color of the modern rattan furniture with poetic, silver quiet, romantic bronze,
       Composed of red-brown rattan furniture, dark green mysterious, shining brilliantly, smooth and mellow. More transparent color paint, and maintained its own unique style of rattan, which contains natural and simple, so tired of the bustling and noisy city it was natural to find that comfort feeling of the mind. 
       Rattan furniture currently in the country’s best-known brand should be a device Arts Teng Teng residence, name of rattan Xuan, Teng Fei fine control of the materials were processed, but also through the elimination * ultraviolet radiation, vapor heat treatment, raw materials, machines pull into the vine the specifications of a certain length and thickness, so that made of bamboo, rattan surface of delicate, smooth, and has anti-* decay characteristics.
      Rattan furniture into the traditional concept of modern design, well-trained workers by the designers and craftsmen according to the design of hand woven into a leisurely ornamental, functional, or in one simple, or imposing luxury, or with artistic taste, or rattan furniture, comfortable and practical and small ornaments. Very sophisticated production, through the lighting, the coating applied, and even the paint color, the finished products look solid and durable. In shape, 
       Rattan furniture out from the traditional framework to a change in the past the crude, clumsy, a lot of bamboo, rattan was designed with smooth lines are soft, comfortable and luxurious style, the bamboo, rattan yet without losing the simplicity of natural, fresh characteristics, and full of modern and stylish charm.
      Rattan furniture, left a Song dynasty poet Su popular poem: “I would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo.” In modern life, bamboo, rattan and jewelry with unique natural landscape of the rhymes, fresh and modern sense of being people pay attention to the aesthetic taste of culture congenial, but also the pursuit of spirituality and modern, leisure-oriented lifestyle emphasizes consistency. Bamboo, rattan decorative arts and crafts home, in addition to its unique color, texture and flavor to 
       Rattan furniture, people feel closer to nature, but also can make a dull living room “interior sense” to improve. Teapot set placed in front of a rattan coffee table, rattan coffee table with a slim, sleek hanging over the basket, bamboo basket inside a pot of orchids you down to reveal the fragrance is Beau, the owner lying in a comfortable semi- softness and hardness, the wide rattan sofa armrest, Xinshou Xiangfei Zhu from the bookshelf next to one out of a book to read … … of bamboo, rattan to create this fresh and elegant atmosphere, to bring a room shares the simplicity of natural, fresh and green in the breeze.
    Rattan furniture in natural light, bamboo, Rattan furniture can be formed in the interior of the hollow piece of small piece of light, giving the illusion caused by Lithuania in the courtyard, decorated with flowers and light wind blowing, the both “set the body between Ming Jian Zhu Ying “in essence, be described as the natural move into a bedroom. In addition, bamboo, Rattan furniture is a natural material for furniture

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