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April 9, 2016

The Rattan Furniture Wholesale Markets

     Wholesale rattan furniture , straw bag wholesale from the beginning of last year all over the island city’s streets, rattan furniture, rattan furniture wholesale rough start this year, wholesale rattan furniture quietly popular. Green, 
     Rattan furniture, household goods, wholesale environmental protection has become the popular trend, crude rattan furniture in addition to the combination of these two benefits, the designer of the exquisite design makes thick vines not only retains the original simplicity, but also adds a lot of fashion elements. Summer will soon be over, put a few rough at home, rattan furniture,
Over the natural qualities of a stylish fall. 
    Wholesale rattan furniture in the CHRISANDCHRIS Sunshine Department Store on the third floor in a remote corner, from the bright lights of the garment district went in, the light suddenly become soft, thick rattan furniture all all is reddish brown, hemp toffee rattan chair to do so people think that the ancient great,
       Rattan furniture, rattan chair, wholesale as well, with the same material of the pedal, to give the atmosphere, comfortable feeling. Another side rattan sofa, small coffee table, coffee table placed piecemeal in several simulation fruit, most people feel envious of the color of logs small thick willow wicker sofa, in the island city has never seen such a material quality and design, furniture prices are more than 10,000 yuan. If the purse had not been to the eye drum addiction is not bad. Address the third floor of department stores in the sun. 
          Wholesale rattan furniture introduced before a good house, but the latest big wicker chair and into the thick rattan Hatta cabinet is recommended. The vines are from Indonesia rough, rough great circle rattan chair back and the seat ring into a large circle, about 1 meter in diameter, accompanied by a soft pad son, so you uncomfortable mess. Thick vines Hatta cabinet height of about 1 meter, in 5 layers, interesting thing is each equipped with lace
        Rattan furniture, wholesale woven materials used are bamboo, rattan and red vines. Agate is named bamboo cane, it is also known as “the vine of the King”, which is the most expensive of the finest vine, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Strengths and weaknesses are different because of quality rattan, rattan furniture has good or bad, know-how to master in order to buy buy rattan furniture rattan furniture satisfactory. 
      Wholesale rattan furniture in the use and storage, do not make contact and close to the fire and heat, not on the sun for a long time exposure.
Rattan furniture, rattan furniture wholesale to the edge of both hands, gently shake look and feel the framework is not stable. And wipe the surface with the palm of your hand in the furniture again, to smooth Caixing. See the surface gloss of furniture is not uniform, whether spots, traces of different colors and moth-eaten.
In addition to rattan furniture, rattan, wholesale handmade fine art, the most important is to examine whether the quality rattan material. Rattan surface such as wrinkles, indicating that the furniture is made of young rattan processing, toughness is poor, easily broken, and corrosion. 
        Rattan furniture  wholesale available on the surface of a soft wet rag and wipe the dust. Gap between the paintbrush or a vacuum cleaner dust, clean, non-destructive use of the surface of the cleaning agents rattan furniture or solvents to clean the salt water to clean with light rattan furniture, that is able to decontamination, but also its long-lasting flexibility, but also may have some anti-fragile, anti-moth-eaten effect.

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